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Jan 19, 2002 09:22 AM

Kendall pre-movie meal

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Hey, guys!! I'm going to be in Kendall Square tonight for the 8:05 "Amelie" screening, and a friend and I were hoping to split the dining hall and grab something cheap before the show. What's the best sit-down-or-not, probably-sandwiches-or-pizza kind of place near the theater? And please no Legal Seafood or Blue Room - I'm a fan of the latter, certainly, but we are starvin' college students here:)

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  1. Have you tried Emma's pizza? Homeade thin crust pizzas with all sorts of tasty toppings from the ordinary to carmelized onions, goat cheese, etc. Won't break the bank even if you go for a carafe of the house wine (around $15). Tasty salads too. It's about a 10 minute walk from the movies.

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      As a bona fide starving college student, I'd recommend the Cambridge Brewing Co. The CBC, Emma's, and the B-Side are all on Hampshire Street. Actually it may still be called "Beacon" near CBC and Emma's, but it's the same street.

      The B-Side has good food, funky ambience, and a knockout cocktail menu--but it's considerably more expensive than CBC, or Emma's. The appetizers are priced from $6-$12, about the same price as an entree at the Brewing Co. Most of the appetizer's aren't big enough to satisfy me for dinner, and I'm a pretty light eater. The deep-fried goat cheese with grapes, nuts, and greens is delicious, as are the steamed mussels, but they're really not enough for dinner. The sandwiches are probably the best deal for dinner at the B-Side, for ten bucks you can get a deep=fried cod poorboy, or a chicken salad sandwich with a few greens on the side. Very tasty.

      At the CBC, by contrast, you can get a full dinner (burgers, fried chicken, thin crust pizza) for under twelve bucks--AND a 20-oz pint of their home brewed beer for less than three dollars. I recommend the Charles River Porter and the Blackout Stout. If you like lighter beers, they've got a nice wheat beer, the name of which I forget. The barley wine is delicious, but seasonal--seize the opportunity if it's on the menu.

      1. re: Lindsay B.

        I'm 100% with you on the Cambridge Brewing Company being more-food-quantity-bang-for-the-buck, no question. To my taste, there is simply no comparison in the quality of the food. My palate baseline allows me to go to Cambridge Brewing Company only when circumstances dictate (gang from work meeting there, too long a wait anywhere nearby, etc.) But that's just me: there's no doubt, CBC has many happy customers.

    2. My vote would be the B-Side Lounge, 92 Hampshire St.,
      617 354-0766

      it's a bar with a bit more upscale menu. much of
      the menu might be slightly more than you want to spend
      but they have a couple of nice sandwiches (they vary,
      but stuff like oyster po'boy or pulled pork or an
      amazing fried fish) and some of the appetizers would
      be plenty for a light meal (once again, they vary but
      stuff like fettucine, steak-lets, arugula n blue cheese
      n pears)

      B-Side also serves their full menu till quite late at
      night so it's great for after the late show and stuff.
      at around 10 pm it gets pretty rockin' and noisy. the
      crowd is sort of quirky cambridge twenty somethings,
      lots of tattoos, dyed hair, but not spiked collars or
      anything ridiculous.

      They often do a thing where 2 other
      "iron" chefs from around town come and put together a
      meal with the inhouse chef where everything will be
      made from foie gras or some other featured item.