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Jan 18, 2002 12:05 PM

Ballroom Dancing - and Dinner??

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Hi - My mother-in-law's birthday is coming up next month and she wishes to go out with friends and family for an evening of ballroom dancing at a nice location (i.e., not at a VFW post), preferably atttached to a nice restaurant. Any suggestions???

Thanks for your help!


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  1. It's not really ballroom dancing, but I think people sometimes dance to the "combo" playing in the Bay Tower Room. And it's a nice view and good food (at least the times I've been there, I see other people complain about it). There's not much in the way of dining and dancing around town.

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      try a cruise - great dancing under the stars. Only place I have found to dine and dance.

      Bay Tower - Yuk!

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        I was at a party in one of the private rooms at BTR.last Saturday night..cannot comment on the quality of the food in the Dining Room....but for elegant dancing after dinner..beautiful spot..I 'm not sure if it was quite ballroom..but pretty close...I'd be real surprised if they didn't have the time of their lives up there.

    2. The Andover Inn in Andover at the Phillips Academy has ballroom dancing and dinning on the weekends. Reservations are needed...Food is absolutely wonderful. I am sure your mother in law will love it.

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        I second this..Some friends of my parents' gave them a gift cert. for their 50th, and they lovingly described the food, in great detail..Dad doesn't dance, but they watched,(my long-suffering mother!) and told me all about it!!