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Jan 18, 2002 10:13 AM

restuarant for group near sophia's

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Can you please suggest a fairly reasonably priced restaurant for a group of 8 twenty something women for a semi-rowdy going away party on Saturday night? The resturant needs to be near Sophia's and take reservations. We tried the Cactus Club, but they don't take reservations. Thoughts?


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  1. I think this may be just the place . . .

    On Kilmarnock street, just three blocks from Sophia's is Linwood Grill and Barbecue. The odd thing about Linwood, I have found, is that while their barbecue is not bad, the best menu items are those that are not barbeuce items. Really good American/Southern/Carribean/World specials. I've probably eaten there more than 20 times and it is nearly always very good. I am not sure whether they take reservations, but I suspect they might for a large group.

    My favorite items there:

    Fried chicken
    Any of the inventive daily specials

    My fiancee also loves the salads. There's usually a great spinach salad and a buffalo shrimp salad, too.

    While this all sounds like basic stuff, it is done remarkably well by an excellent chef.

    They also used to make a great watermelon margarita, which they may or may not still do!

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      For a semi-rowdy crowd in the Fenway the Linwood's the place to go. I've always liked the food & atmosphere there, and you can adjourn to the bar next door (also part of the Linwood) if you decide to take the rowdiness level up a notch.


    2. In the Fenway there are Linwood Grille (BBQ), Brown Sugar Cafe (Thai), Sorrentos (Italian). There are also Japanese, Mexican, Brazilian, and others that I do not know the names of. I've only eaten at Linwood and Brown Sugar, and like them both. Although Linwood would be more appropriate for a semi-rowdy crowd.

      There is also a new Italian place on Comm Ave in or just outside of Kenmore Sq. But I haven't seen any reviews of it.

      1. Sophia's itself serves food but I don't know much about it, tapas I think. My suggestion would be to go to Sonsie which isn't too long a walk and a real short cab ride. A bunch of 20 something gals will have a fun time there and it's good, esp. if you want a little more upscale than the restaurants in the Fenway.