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Jan 17, 2002 03:04 PM

Multicultural Breakfasts!

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If you missed the Calendar section in today's Globe, there was a great article on breakfast at different ethnic restaurants around town; surprisingly houndish--the tips would even do us proud. Very informative; prices, hours and addresses.. Of course, I do have that little problem about never getting there in TIME for breakfast.....


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  1. thanks for the lead, I enjoyed that piece, good info.
    when I first saw your post I thought "too bad, I don't
    get/read the Globe" but seeing it a couple more times
    me itchy; I couldn't stand the thought of missing the
    article. Different ethnic breakfasts fascinate me cuz
    AM meals can really test the traveller's will. Even the
    innocuous--fried bread, congee--are sickening day 10.

    Now, ordinarily I think of touching the Boston Globe
    as somewhat akin to handling garbage: it is such an
    execrable newspaper. And this time proved to be no
    different. Oh, I liked the article alright, I just had
    to pull it out of a friend's trashcan.

    one of my most memorable ethnic breakfasts in Boston
    was at an Irish Pub, but I think that was because it
    featured many foaming pints of Guinness. I've no idea
    if it's ordinarily part of the menu; this was the day
    of a big rugby match played Down Under, breakfast our
    time... What? Hey, everybody else was doing it. Boy,
    the midmorning sun was bright when we walked out
    bleary eyed.

    my most memorable breakfast travelling would be at a
    Japanese hotel. A beautiful laquerset arrayed with many
    different delectables. Different looking, that is.
    Turned out every single one of them was fish... dried,
    smoked, salted... I like all those things, but by the
    end of the tray it got kinda hard to swallow with any