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Jan 17, 2002 02:55 PM

New Super 88??!!??

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I just saw something that made my heart leap with joy...At the corner of Commonwealth and Brighton Aves, Packards' Corner to those in the neighborhood, there were 2 giant "Super 88" signs on the roof of what had been a car dealership. I was just driving by, and didn't stop to investigate, but could this be a new Super 88 in the "Lower East Side" of Allston-Brighton, bringing more freshness and better prices in our quest for Asian goodies? Anyone know, or am I starting a false rumour?

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  1. I was by there last weekend. Although I didn't recognize the signs as Super 88, I did notice they were for an Asian supermarket-- clearly going to open at that site!

    1. I recall my Taiwanese friend saying somehting about a super-88 opening in the Allston area.... maybe this is it?

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      2. I have it reliably from an inside source ;) --

        Yes, you're right Galley Girl - a new Super88 for you to play in! There will be a Japanese restaurant also, and Asian shops (I would think similar to the ones in the South Bay Super88) in the basement.

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          Woo hoo! Party time! (But where were they when I _lived_ right across the street?...admittedly LONG ago...)

        2. When will it open? Will there be free parking?