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Jan 16, 2002 11:33 PM

Belmont, Cambridge this Saturday

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I'll be at an all-day meeting on Concord Ave. in Belmont this Saturday, with a one-hour lunch break, then in Harvard Sq. for the evening. In between I'm hoping to wedge in a visit to Formaggio (no pun intended, but I'll let it ride...)

I used to know the area well, but it's been a few years now... Can anyone recommend:

- a good, informal (as in not too expensive) lunch spot in that area of Belmont?

- a place for dinner, again, not too expensive or too time-consuming, on or about Huron Ave. or in the Square? Or will lunch and Formaggio leave me too full to worry about dinner?

I don't eat meat, do eat seafood, definitely eat cheese!

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  1. on the corner of Huron and Concord you can get a good
    casual lunch at HiRise bakery. A bit hearty/heavy in
    that they serve sandwiches but fry the bread to toast
    it and sorta melt the cheese. Many many good choices.

    it's a small place and gets very crowded for the lunch
    hours. if you were really pressed for time, I'd order
    by phone and/or be prepared to eat in the car...

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      Thanks, supersnob, I'll bear that in mind for future reference (or maybe dinner, if they're still open?), but for lunch I'll be in Belmont and probably won't have time to do the drive.

    2. there's an asian restaurant, Asai, in belmont center that is pretty good (noodle dishes, sushi, maybe some korean): . Not certain if it is open for lunch or not: (617)489-6333

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        Having recently worked on the Waltham/Belmont border I can confirm that Asai is indeed open during luncheon hours.

        Rumor has it that the chef is originally from Jae's. I can't vouch for the rumor but I've had the food and it's, well, fair. My fondest memory is the spinach salad appetizer which is small, simple of indgredient and preparation, and homely but also distinctive and yummy.