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Jan 16, 2002 01:27 PM

Roslindale Suggestions?

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Any suggestions on where to eat in Roslindale? Especially African and French restaurants.

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  1. I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh at the request for such varied cuisine in Roslindale. Until recently, there wasn't much besides sub shops. There's that Italian place Gusto which is decent. I read that some other slightly more upscale restaurant opened/will open but can't remember the name. There's the Eritrean restaurant on Washington St. in JP if you want to do the scooping food onto bread thing. I still haven't been to Perdix on Centre St. in JP but they've got "new American" food that's been getting raves. A lot of different things in JP if you want to go next door.

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      Thank you for the Rosi suggestions. Perdix in JP is good. I've been there several times. Once, it was all a bit too salty, but thereafter it has been excellent. The muscles appetizer is excellent. The prices are right, menu is varied and creative, the service is great and the ambience is cozy.