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Jan 14, 2002 06:27 PM

Roast Beef sandwiches

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Hi! I recently moved to the South Shore (Quincy) and am in search of a great roast beef place-to give you an idea of what I'm looking for, I LOVE Nick's in Beverly, and also Bedford House of Beef in Bedford. Basically looking for some hot roast beef plopped between 2 pieces of bread with some "sauce". Any suggestions?

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  1. I to would be interested. Kellys used to be great they are now so-so.

    1. Try The Liberty Bell on Broadway in Southie. Some days it's even better than Nick's!

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        Scott Mccarrick

        Mikes Roast Beef In Everett On Rt. 99

        1. I've grown up on Kelley's on Revere Beach and still go there to breathe the salt air and re-live my past. However I've found their roast beef to be overated and tasteless. I have a shrimp roll, or lobster roll, or clams. I stopped at Mike's in Everett the other day and found their roast beef to be very good and you can add a variety of sauces. I had the horseraddish sauce. Very good.

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            BTW, spouse & self had a rather miserable meal at the new Kelley's outlet in Danvers -- dry, tasteless roast beef for him and downright questionable clam roll for me. I don't believe we'll be back. I guess at this point Kelley's is all about the beach. I did enjoy my clams & fries there a few years ago, but maybe it was just the salt air.

          2. the Prime Rib sandwich at Green Garden (49 River St, Dedham) is the best i've ever had. the only problem is it goes fast, if you're not there by 12:30 you might not get one.