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Jan 14, 2002 02:40 PM

Winter Food in Provincetown?

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Hi all, I'm planning an Easter weekend trip to Provincetown and was wondering (way ahead of time!) what the best off-season dining option is there. I've been there in the summer before, but don't know how different it is or which places are seasonal only. I'd really like to try Clem & Ursie's this time, are they open in the off-season? It will also be a romantic weekend for my birthday...any suggestions on a fairly priced "nice" dinner?

Jacqui in CT

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  1. Can't help with what's open during the winter months in P'town, but try the website below. Clem & Ursie's has a link to Email them, and many other restaurants have links to their own websites that might give you more information.


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      Napi's is always open. Good local chow.

    2. Clem and Ursies are closed now and I doubt will be open by Easter. Napis stays open year round. In North Truro, Montanos is open and is OK if you stick to basic stuff. I think the Lobster Pot is open. Finely JPs in South Wellfleet has typically stayed open on weekends year round, but earlier this month their sign was down. If they are open, they are worth the trip in this food-deprived neck of the woods. The Blacksmith Shop in Truo is open, but should be avoided.

      1. Just got back from Provincetown and not much open. Had a great meal at the Mews-risotto with local scallops. The prices were average (p town is not cheap) but you could also get salads, appetizers, and burgers, if you want to keep the price down. The waitstaff was very attentive and knowledgeable. Lobster Pot, Martin House, and Front Street were all closed but would highly recommend all of them. Skip Napi's the food has gone downhill and it's dirty. I would also skip Clem and Ursies. Ate there last summer and found it expensive,
        long wait, rude help, and mediocre food. Sort of like the Summer Shack.