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Jan 14, 2002 01:24 PM

Salt Packed Anchovies

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Hi all,

Anyone know where I can procure some decent salt packed anchovies such as the Agostino Recca brand?

I am tired of the mushy oil packed ones in the supermarket. I imagine the North End would be a good bet, but was wondering if anyone had a specific place.\


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  1. r
    robert belson

    Salumeria Italiana
    51 Richmond St
    Boston, MA 02109-1414
    Phone: (617) 523-8743

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    1. re: robert belson

      You might try Capone Foods in Union Square, Somerville. At the very least, I know that they have salt-packed capers and that they carry many types of anchovies. Be sure to get some of their aged farmers' gouda.

    2. J Pace on Cross St in the North End sells them..whole can or as many as you want.

      1. In addition to the North End vendors mentioned below (by the way, J. Pace has a very nice satellite store in on Main St. in Oaklandvale section of Saugus (west of US 1), just beyond the junction with the Lynn Fells Pkwy), also try calling Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge (or Formaggio South End in Boston).