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Jan 14, 2002 11:34 AM

Taiwan for Lunch

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I had sauteed shredded pork with mustard greens and bean curd for lunch today. Outstanding. Also, I never realized before today that their white rice is very good. Nice and "aromatic" as the say. I wasn't wild about the free soup that came with it . . .

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  1. I went today to Taiwan Cafe for lunch and copied you. The pork w/ mustard greens and tofu was indeed outstanding. The soup today was a corn/egg drop type soup, very simple, not as good as the winter melon soup I got last time. Is there any schedule for the soup of the day, or is it just random? I thought I heard some other chowhoundish type voices naming off some popular dishes (seafood in clay pot, eggplant, beef w/ poblano) in TC today, was anyone else there?


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      I was there today for lunch about 12:00 with two friends. We sat in back in front of the kitchen. I was wondering if any other hounds might be there so I mentioned Chowhound in a loud voice a couple of times. Nobody turned around or commented. We had the braised pork with peanut seasoning in steamed bun, stir fry noodles with beef and vegetables in sa-cha sauce, braised eggplant with basil and seafood in clay pot. Everything was excellent!!!! I must say the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I mentioned "Chowhound" to the woman at the register as we were leaving. She said other customers have told her about it. What time were you there and where were you sitting?


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        Yup, I definitely saw you there. I was the 20 yr old sitting by himself in the middle of the room facing the front, you walked right past me when you came in. I heard you talking loudly, I didn't hear chowhound though, I would have come over. Sounds like you had a nice meal......i guess there are always good odds that there are other chowhounders at Taiwan Cafe....


        1. re: Dave M.P.

          Sorry we didn't get a chance to say hello. Maybe we will see you at one of the "CHOW OUTINGS".