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Jan 14, 2002 03:56 AM

how to get to Wang's Fast Food

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can anyone tell me how to get to Magoun Square by T or bus coming from Porter Square? I'm dying to try this place...

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  1. It's actually very close to Davis Square. Since I usually drive, may be someone else can tell you exactly how to get there by T or by bus.

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      I've never seen dumplings quite like Wang's in a restaurant. They're just like the ones that we were served at friends' homes in Northern China. These are quite unlike the crescent-shaped, thin-skinned dumplings you normally get in Chinese restaurants. The noodle dough is sturdier, the dumplings are rounder. One of the best things about Wang's dumplings is that you can see and taste the individual ingredients that comprise the fillings, instead the usual practice of pureeing the stuffing and steaming until homogenous and semisolid.

      We had the Shrimp Delight dumplings ($4.75/12), and the Vegetarian Leek dumplings (4.25/12). The dumplings are served steamed by default, but you can also order them pan-fried. The steamed dumplings were a little watery, so I think I'll opt for the pan-fried ones next time.

      The dumplings came with a plastic thimble of what the waiter called "ginger sauce". It tasted like dark soy, ginger, and sesame oil. It was a perfect accent for the delicately flavored dumplings.

      My friend ordered hot and sour soup and offered me a taste. It was delicious.

      I ordered a "scallion roll" by mistake, expecting scallion pancakes. I won't do that again. A scallion roll the Chinese answer to Pillsbury crescent rolls, except pale and steamed with a few wilted specks of scallion.

    2. DZ -- I'm sure there's a bus that runs down Broadway, just not sure where you should catch it. Call them at Wang's 617-623-2982 and see if they can give you any info on busses.

      Good luck.

      1. I'm almost positive that there is no bus that goes from Porter or from Davis directly to Magoun Sq.

        From Davis, the walk is not long. Take College Av. out of Davis and at Powderhouse Circle, go east on Broadway. The walk will be about 20 mins total max.

        The 89 bus runs along Broadway, and you could catch this at Powderhouse too, also the 80 i believe....

        From Porter, you could walk on either Willow St. or Cedar street all the way north until you hit Broadway and then take a right, and Wang's would be on the left. This is a longer walk, but in terms of time, it might be the fastest way from Porter. The dumplings are worth the walk!!

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          There is a bus that goes up Broadway towards Tufts right past Magoun Sq. from Sullivan station. I don't remember the number but it does run regularly.

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            The Lechmere bus will get you to Wang's. (I'm not sure what number it is. I'm tempted to say 86, but don't quote me.) Catch it on College Ave, near the rotary.

            Wang's is only about 12 blocks from the rotary. This is prime Chow territory, so I'll enumerate some foodie landmarks. On your left, you'll see Lydell's Bakery. The goodies look like plastic All-American "treats" from Safeway, but they taste GREAT. I recommend the eclairs, the macaroons, and the gingersnaps. A couple blocks later you'll see Sound Bites, a tiny cafe that serves the best breakfast in greater Boston. In another block or so, you'll pass the Kelly Diner. It's an authentic converted railway car, one of the oldest and largest in America. Skip the KD if you value food above ambience. Ball Square Seafood is just over the railroad bridge. Fantastic fish and chips, great clam strips. In a few more blocks you'll see Wang's on your left.