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Jan 13, 2002 05:26 PM

Whitehorse, 608, South End

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A friend and I went out for burgers on Mon. and got one of the most mediocre cheeseburgers and fries ever at the Whitehorse Tavern in Allston. He seemed happy with the Guinness and the meat itself was okay, but the rolls were on the way to staleness and the fries were hard. BU was still off and it was early, so it wasn't nearly as crowded as usual. Service was fine and if you live in the area, it's passable bar food but not much else.

A huge group of us ate at 608 on Thurs. nite (formerly Lilli's in Somerville) and it was pretty good, altho hard to judge for real since it was the nite of the secret Mission of Burma show (which may or may not mean anything to people), so it wasn't a normal restaurant nite at all. But a friend and I split an arugula salad w/ fried calamari and a yummy fontina cheese pizza w/ bacon and arugula which was definitely enough for the two of us. A few people got burgers and fries which were huge, a special of pork chop, gnocchi, not sure what else. Everyone seemed happy with their choices and the service was quite good considering the craziness going on. Everything's $15 and under and while it's a limited menu, I think there's something for everyone.

Last nite was South End Galleria on Columbus Ave. and it was decent, altho I think I liked my meal at their other restaurant (Galleria Italiano, now closed) better. We both got sea bass w/ a crumb coating w/ snow peas and polenta w/ a sort of sundried tomato sauce. The polenta wasn't all that great and overall it was fine, but didn't knock my socks off. They had a basket of nice fresh bread with the typical bean/olive oil puree which was good. We split the bread pudding which was very good altho again, not as good as GI. That room is really nice tho, you can smell the smells from the kitchen everywhere and service was fine and friendly. Prices were in the $16-23 range with a 4 course tasting menu for only $38. I think I should have gotten pasta, it's what she does best I think.

Just now ate half of my green curry tofu from Rod-Dee (Coolidge Corner). I feel like I got high from it.

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  1. I actually ate at 608 the exact same night you did (I was lucky enough to get on the guest list for Mission of Burma), and I agree, the staff did quite well considering the commotion.
    The fried sweet plaintains were tasty, although really oily. They were the right degree of ripeness, so they weren't *too* sweet, but pleasantly soft. I didn't care much for the spicy ketchup they came with, which tasted too much like cocktail sauce. I got the cheeseburger, which came with a *huge* order of homemade shoestring-style fries. I asked for, and actually received, my burger medium-rare, so they scored points on that. The caramelized onions that it came with were a nice touch.
    To top it off, M.o.B. played a fantastic set, only slightly rusty after 20 years of inactivity.

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      Re MOB: You may want to know that we're playing a live set recorded in the 80's on WMBR this Wed. (I do radio there on Thursdays) and he'll be interviewing Roger Miller some time between 10-noon. 88.1 or (if you listen via Real Audio, get on before 10 cuz the site doesn't seem to allow that many listeners).

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        Thanks for the tip on MOB. Also, I'm w/ you on Rod Dee. Can't beat it.

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          My only complaint (which I've mentioned before) with Rod Dee is the dishes seem pretty dry. I asked for extra sauce with the green curry but I think they maybe do it differently with more of a paste-like substance than the more liquidy sauce I'm used to at the JP Thai place and some others.

          Did you listen to MOB on the actual radio? I know some people weren't able to get on Real Audio, as usual. (You'd think with our radio station being at MIT, we'd get our shit together a little more.)

    2. The Whitehorse Tavern had pretty decent food and a wider ranging menu when it opened a few years ago. It seems the owners have let the food go downhill as most of the very young crowd that frequents the place goes there to drink and not to eat. I predict the same thing will happen at The Elbow Room. It's owned by the same people.