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Jan 13, 2002 10:11 AM

Rhythm and Spice??

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I've always been interested in trying the Carribean spot Rhythm and Spice in Cambridge. Any thoughts?

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  1. I ate there only once about 8 years ago, but I really liked the food.

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    1. re: amethyst94

      it's been there so long and has no "following"

      I know many people who've tried it, nobody hates
      it, but nobody goes back.

      my own experience was similar to other Caribbean
      restaurants: the food sounds more interesting than
      it turns out to be. I don't like chicken soup or
      stew with a chicken bone sticking up out of it
      because the meat fell off. Given me boneless or
      give me on the bone, but don't give me both.

      jerk chicken? I just don't get it either. somebody
      else here said the beef ribs are good because the
      meat is falling off the bone. That never appeals to
      me in the BBQ world... I think I'm going to write
      a separate post about how much I hate BBQ, though.

      1. re: supersnob

        Are you sure about people not going back? It usually looks pretty crowded and it can't be a new batch of people every time. I only went once for the opening and it was fine. But personally, I'd rather eat next door.

        1. re: Joanie

          yeah, I probably didn't stress what I said the right
          way. My point is that I know a pretty good sized crowd
          who eat in restaurants a *lot*. Nobody *I* know eats
          there. Wanna know something else? I've met the owners.
          they're friends of people I know. Nice folks, they are
          (if it's still the founders) but still I don't know
          anybody who eats there.

          I'm with you on the Science bar thing: you were right
          in your other post here somewhere, they make a great
          burger. The potatoes you groused about are better if
          you can convince the cook to make'em extra crispy,
          they have a tendency to let'em sog. And the tomato
          chutney they serve them with used to be a whole lot
          better. I know the owners there too.

          1. re: supersnob

            Well, since you're harrassing me with accountability (if I used smiley faces, one would go here), I don't think I was "grousing" about the potatos. Simply stating my preference for fries with a burger.

            1. re: Joanie

              I ate there a few months ago, I didn't feel ripped off, but I have no burning desire to go back. I enjoyed the ambience more than the food. It's a lively, colorful restaurant where the customers and the staff seem to be enjoying themselves. Seemed to like a diverse crowd the night we went. R&S has a well-stocked rum bar, and they offer a variety of fruity mixed drinks. It might be fun to go back in the summer, but this trope had limited appeal in November. My boyfriend ordered the homemade ginger beer, unfortunately they were sold out. He opted for the commerical ginger beer instead, which was almost too sweet to drink, and not very gingery.

              As for the food, my chicken salad didn't resemble the description on the menu at all. It was your basic spicy grilled chicken breast on iceberg lettuce with french dressing or bottled vinaigrette on the side. The marinade wasn't much better than you'd get at TGI-Friday's. The menu promised fruit and other Caribbean accents, but I didn't get any. Not bad, but certainly not memorable.

              My boyfriend ordered the goat curry. Meat was falling off the bone, but the flesh was still stringy. The sauce tasted muddy and the meat was sort of gamy. I don't know if goat is usually like this, or not. I had it only once as a kid, and I don't remember it tasting that, but I could be wrong.

            2. re: supersnob

              Who gives a rat's arse who you know. Being cavalier and uppity doesn't win you a critic's award. Say it without offending the crowd. Say it with a smile. You know the vinegar and honey 'thang goes a long way. Lighten up.

                1. re: Sam I Am

                  vinegar v. honey, uppity: well, that's me. I call
                  myself supersnob Because I don't care what you
                  think. I want to hear what you know, but I want to put
                  it in context. Let me give you an example: I love
                  steak. There are discussions here about where to get
                  good steak. But there are apparently differences in
                  taste: many people like Morton's, but everything about
                  Morton's gives me hives. So I don't want anybody who
                  likes Morton's giving me advice about anything. And I
                  extend the same *courtesy* to others: I try to give
                  extensive background info about where I'm coming from
                  and what I'm looking for so as to make the information
                  I provide useful. Would only that others did too.

                  Personally, I find most of the posts treacley and
                  undifferentiated so I try to add a different voice so
                  that there will be something here for everybody
                  instead of just for you.

                  As to name dropping or who I know: I mentioned that
                  in this particular case because I thought it was
                  interesting that people I had met socially happen to
                  own restaurants right next door to each other, and to
                  make the point that it had no effect on what I thought
                  of the food. I happen to be fairly adept socially
                  (look at the deft way I'm handling your complaint;
                  yep, I could be more charming, but like I said, I
                  don't care what you think of me so I see no point in
                  it and I think this is in fact more useful) so I
                  invariably introduce myself to restauranteurs. I know
                  many many many of them by now, but I don't point that
                  out (except now). I just thought this case was funny
                  but I admit that I didn't spoonfeed all that context
                  to you so how could you know. Do you really think I
                  thought you'd be impressed that I've met the owners
                  of Miracle of Science and Rhythm and Spice?

                  If you're they type of person who can't separate
                  message from messenger, you'll have to stop reading
                  what I write. But while you're putting aphorisms into
                  practice (the vinegar v. honey thing) remember that
                  there are other ones too. "Dare to be different, don't
                  care what everybody thinks of you." "Don't judge a
                  book by its cover." "Love thine enemy as thy friend."
                  "Live and let live." "It takes all kinds..." etc etc

                  1. re: supersnob

                    Whoa, back off and drop the attitude, and no one will get hurt.....
                    Posts that are dripping with a stream of constant vitriol are as dull as posts that are "treacly and undifferentiated"....
                    It's quite clear that you don't care WHAT people think about you....Unfortunately, your opinions aren't varied enough (since you don't really like anything), and you're writing isn't entertaining or informative enough (i.e; you don't like anything) to support that "in you face style".....All it does is drive people away, and keep them from posting...'
                    "Fine", you say, " I don't care what they think.I only care about their knowledge".
                    Since no one's credentials can come close to yours, why bother posting here anyway? Since you clearly give no credence to what anyone else to say, and seem to attack all their opinions, I can only assume you have come down from on high to give the great unwashed masses the benefit of your superior knowledge, and better social connections.
                    Perhaps there are other boards that will give you the intellectual stimulation and greater respect that you so richly deserve. This has been a place where people come to ruminate on every mouthful and plan their next meal in loving detail. How dare you insult and belittle anyone who is indulging in the love of deliciousness we all share???????

                    1. re: galleygirl

                      Well said GalleyGirl, those posts are getting so tiresome.

                      1. re: galleygirl

                        "Posts that are dripping with a stream of constant vitriol are as dull as posts that are "treacly and undifferentiated"...."

                        Galleygirl and Supersnob:

                        Enough, you guys. Please review food, not posters.

                        Bad Pasta: unforgiveable. grounds for outrage. take no prisoners.

                        Bad Posting: fine. can't all be home runs. Reinsert fangs in jaw and simply click to the next message.

                        If there are postings or posters you don't like, skip 'em. Or skip the whole site if it's, like, too much of a drag. But post and let post.

                        We're not here to criticize each other, and no one needs to share anyone else's opinions regarding food or the entertainment value of given posting styles. If you disagree with a FOOD opinion, please, of course, do post and say a friendly and non-personally attacking way that doesn't make the opiner feel bludgeoned.

                        But this is all WAY too personal. Hate the eats, love the eater. Back to the chow, ok?


                        1. re: galleygirl

                          I'm very sorry I offended you, galleygirl, I really didn't mean it. And I don't think you went too far in criticizing me, either: you told me how you feel and that's cool with me.

                          You might find this page funny-but-true

                          1. re: supersnob

                            Apology accepted, thank you....I'm glad to know you don't think I went too far in criticizing you. Just keep in mind that not everyone has skins that are as thick as ours seem to be, and instead of talking back, they might just leave!!! So let's not criticize anyone, and no running with scissors!!! :) So, it's snack time, let's eat!!

                        2. re: supersnob


                          This is a food discussion. You came in with guns blazing, posting as much about other posters-- their perceived motives and faults--as you do about food. I find your shocked anger re: the reaction you've garnered inexplicable.

                          Your food postings are terrific. Your postings about posters are highly off-topic and verge perilously close to our prohibition on personal attacks.

                          I'm hoping you're able to recognize a middle ground between "treacley and undifferentiated" and pillorying those you consider misled or annoying. If not, this may not be the best site for you.

                          In any case, now that you've filled us in at length on your feelings about yourself, I'm hoping we can return to food talk. And stay there.


                  2. re: supersnob

                    I've been there a couple of times and like it. When cooked perfectly, the meat should fall off the bone. I also have a friends who go there every week and I don't think I've ever been there without having to wait. Like other cuisines, to each there own. Some like it, some love it, some don't mind it, some don't care for it.

                    1. re: YoEddy

                      I accept that tastes vary, no prob.

                      some clarifications: in additon to eating in
                      restaurants, I cook. I understand "fall off the bone".
                      But fall off the bone osso buco is so much more
                      sophisticated than fall off the bone bbq. bbq to me is
                      dogfood. (yes, I've had it __________ [whereever you
                      were going to say] ) I'm not saying I haven't had it
                      I'm saying I don't like it: it's untalented.

                      and when I was talking about Caribbean chicken soup,
                      I have experienced a distinct tendency to see already
                      fell off the bone rather than falling off the bone. I
                      think it's stupid to have the bone of a drumstick
                      sticking up out of my soup with no meat on it.

                      1. re: supersnob

                        I guess going forward, you won't have to complain about bbq since you don't eat "dogfood".

                        1. re: YoEddy

                          look, language is always somewhat ambiguous, and
                          written is even moreso. So, what I (or you) *mean* is
                          far more important than what it looks like we said.

                          I didn't mean that "the idea of bbq" is dogfood. What
                          I meant was that people always rave about BBQ, but
                          whenever I try it I don't like the execution.

                          I like "barbeque-ing" in the backyard, but that type
                          of grilling has a sizzling outside, and a juicy inside
                          "BBQ" restaurants don't serve anything like that.

                          I like "really cooked fall off the bone" in several
                          forms like osso buco, oxtails, potroast, and various
                          kinds of boiled meat (traditional european peasant
                          cooking). So, "fall off the bone" is not why I don't
                          like BBQ restaurants.

                          I even like some chef/restaurants that are in the same
                          "space": the old East Coast Grill used to serve many
                          great varieties of spicy and grilled and ... this BBQ
                          that was just like all others: meat cooked grey,
                          slathered in sauce that tastes like liquid smoke and
                          all, well, chemical-y.

                          I think what I'm writing here is novel and different,
                          carefully considered, and very specific.
                          To people who think they way I do, this is valid and
                          useful, even if it isn't what you want to hear.

                          So, why should I go to the trouble to complain about
                          BBQ more than once? Well, one reason is that I've
                          actually convinced some people that BBQ is not that
                          good, that there is better food that is quite similar.
                          The more people who dislike it, the less there'll be.
                          And, complaining about it more than once is no
                          different than raving about it more than once, and a
                          lot more people rave about it ALL THE TIME so hearing
                          a solitary voice once in a while telling you why they
                          don't like it, and why, is not going to kill you.

                2. I heard from a friend that the ribs are amazing. Beef that falls right off the bones.

                  1. I had the spicy shrimp appetizer there (grilled shrimp with lime and pepper), and they were possibly the hottest thing I've eaten in Boston. I went through two Red Stripe beers trying to finish them.