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Jan 13, 2002 09:29 AM

Steak Tips

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Haven't seen this subject in while and wanted to get some updated suggestions. I frequent The Quiet Man in Southie for my "tips fix". What's your favorite?

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  1. Haven't been to the Quiet Man yet...heard it's great. I like Halfway Cafe...Watertown..also Dedham and west on 20...great steak tips, turkey tips and real fries...also Savenors Mkt on Charles St sells steak tips from it's excellent and expensive are a bargain.

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    1. re: 9lives

      I second the HalfWay Cafe steak tips, we also go to the Watertown location. Tender and very little fat, carnivore heaven!

    2. Here's one often mentioned in print or on the Phantom Gourmet, the New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea. I call it the Tri City area because it is where Revere, Everett, and Chelsea meet. Was just a bar with an open kitchen but they renovated years ago to hide the kitchen. You can get steak, pork, or lamb tips, a steak house salad and huge steak fries. The steak tips have a nice marinade, but I like the flavor of the pork tips. (Galleygirl, you shouldn't be reading this). I was there once in the old bar days. I fight broke out but the head waitress broke it up.

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      1. re: chuck s

        The Newbridge is awesome! Went back there last week after 10 years and the food is still spectacular -- if you like steak, lamb and pork tips with steak fries that are out of this world. I order one of each and they pack up the leftovers in a nice 'hound bag!

        A strong pour from the bar, and viola, a match made in chowhound heaven. Go visit!

        1. re: Sam I Am

          I love the Newbridge... but the cigarette smoke is too much! My wife and I haven't been there since we had kids (~4yrs). Is it still really smoky in there?
          Maybe Chelsea now has a no smoking law? Please let me know... would like to go back.

        2. re: chuck s

          The Newbridge has been a favorite of my family for years. The steak tips are great.

        3. I recently read a review in the Weekly Dig of a place in Medford called Hungry Herbs that I want to try. Sounds like they have every imaginable style of sirloin and turkey tips for very good prices.