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Jan 12, 2002 11:38 AM

Cassis in Andover?

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Anyone have any comments on Cassis in Andover? The hubby wants casual French for his birthday this week and if I can avoid the hike into town from the north suburbs that would be great. Saw this listed on Zagats but a web search didn't yield much other info.


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    Cassis is an excellent alternative to going into the city. The menu is small, very bistro-like, and the food is great.

    1. Well, we went last week and enjoyed the overall experience, but it's not a place we'll rush back to.

      The atmosphere is casual- a lot of white tile, but the acoustics with weren't as bad as I expected. Service was very good- solicitous without being fawning. We didn't feel at all rushed and enjoyed a lesisurely meal without having to spend any time looking at our dirty plates.

      We both started with Kir Royales as an aperitif, which were nice. Hubby ordered the Fish soup and I had a salad with endive, frisee, walnuts and goat cheese. I really enjoyed the salad, although I don't usually like frisee because I find it too bitter. But the cheese and walnuts balanced the bitterness very nicely. Hubby liked the soup; it was too fishy for me. Bread was unexceptional but plentiful throughout the meal.

      The main menu wasn't extensive but had a nice selection of everything except for vegetarian entrees. (Not a problem for us, but a friend who went a few years ago said it was a problem for him. His wife ended up with a pasta dish that he described as "awful".) I had a monkfish dish, hubby had duck. I thought the presentation was disappointing, flavor and texture were adequate. The fish was broiled and came over mashed potatoes in a pool of a pinkish sauce. I dunno- white fish on potatoes is just boring. The fish was simply prepared but ended up a bit tasteless. Potatoes were fine and the sauce was OK. Hubby's duck also came on potatoes, in a pool of sauce, with a sprinkling of greens on top. Again, good but not stellar.

      Dessert was creme brulee for me, which was really excellent. A chocolate mousse cake concoction for the hubby was fairly good.

      Overall- nothing bad, but the word that sticks with me to describe Cassis is "adequate". The good service knocks it up a notch but again, we won't be rushing back.