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Apr 30, 2005 10:29 PM

Seattle ~ Any good Jewish Deli's in the area?

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Hi there, we're searching for a good deli in the Seattle area (Green Lake, but we'll go just about anywhere around the area!) ~ been craving good Matzoh Ball Soup! If anyone has a suggestion, we'd really appreciate it!

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    Sir Eats A Lot

    I don't think there is an excellent Jewish deli anywhere in Washington State. Of course I consider 99.999% of all delis (Jewish or otherwise) in the USA to be truly horrid.

    That said, there is a pretty good Jewish deli/cafe in Bellevue that is sure worth the drive. Gilbert’s on Main (in old Bellevue)has the soup you crave as well as some very tasty chicken liver. If you are into chicken liver, call ahead and have them save some for you as they seem to run out all the time.

    1. Try a search for "Goldberg's" at
      I believe I saw a positive review there.

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      1. re: Doug Kay

        Yes, it's in the Factoria mall,in Bellevue, check out the review.

        1. re: Doug Kay
          David in Olympia, WA

          Doesn't look like it opens until later this week. I believe the snippet I read said May 3rd.

        2. re: Doug Kay

          Went to Goldberg's in Bellvue tonight for dinner. Being from the East Coast, I really looked forward to a good corned beef sandwich. The decor was so so...No wonderful smells to greet one at the door.
          The rye bread had no seeds. The corned beef was cut wrong and most of it crumbled out of the sandwich. The potato salad was bland. Worst of all, a 2.50 chocolate phosphate was pale brown and when I mentioned it to the waitperson, he took it away and came back saying he put an extra spoon of "Hershey's" syrup in it. It was still not right but then, this was not the Stage or the Carnegie in NYC or Rose's in Portland. I was looking forward to a good Jewish deli. I won't return.

        3. It's not a Jewish deli, but Eats Market Cafe in West Seattle (2600 SW Barton St), has very good matzoh ball soup. We went there one day when we had colds and it was just the perfect cure!

          Also really good brisket, sandwiches and deserts!


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          1. re: ElizabethC

            I'd second that. Best chicken soup I've probably ever had, matzo or no.

          2. CJ's on First and Cedar downtown has good matzoh ball soup.

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              Scott Freutel

              Goldberg's? Forget it. For this ex-Angelino, it's better to savor memories of great delis like Langer's in LA (best of them all by far IMO), Nate 'n' Al's in Beverly Hills, Junior's in Westwood, Billy's in Glendale, Cantor's before its sad decline, than to be as badly disappointed as I was by and in this overhyped place. A waitperson actually asked if I wanted the corned-beef pastrami or the regular pastrami. Go figure. Don't even ask for caraway rye, much less for kreplach soup or schmaltz. All in all, a shame, esp. if Goldberg's probably success in spite of everything keeps some would-be deli owner from starting up a truly first class esetablishment anywhere in or around Seattle.