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Jan 11, 2002 07:50 PM

Brunch in Boston

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I need a recommendation for an enjoyable brunch place. I have been to the Four Seasons for bruch (quite a while ago, perhaps on Easter or something) but I would prefer somewhere other than a hotel. I do not want a place that is too casual either. Nice decor, good atmosphere great food.

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  1. Hi Teri -
    Looking at the boards the most recommended places seem to be:
    Boston (upscale): Biba at 272 Boylston, 426-7878. Hotel restaurants highly recommended by posters here Aujourd'hui at the Four Seasons Hotel, Rowes Wharf at the Boston Harbor Hotel. I know you said you'd rater not, but if everyone else is booked (Boston loves brunch) they sound extravagant...
    Cambridge: Harvest in Harvard Square, The Blue Room in Kendall Square (both wonderful); East Coast Grill has a latin brunch. For more reviews go to the main page and search for Brunch Boston.
    Back Bay: Garden of Eden or Tremont 647 both a little more casual. Good luck -

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      heathen & spells

      The Hungry I on Charles a wonderful place for Sunday brunch.An elegant and homey atmosphere.I remember it as having a fireplace but my husband tells me no.Mimosas,delicate and yet hearty roast beef hash,sublime salmon eggs benedict, entrees like this.One feels as one steps down through the cavernous entrance that you have entered a european village home. It is a great place to go with close friends and family and simply enjoy....and for a very reasonable price too.(my husband feels that I should mention that we haven't been in quite awhile)

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        That sounds great - I'm always looking for new places to try brunch. (FWIW, everything I've read about Hungry I mentions their fireplace.)