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Jan 11, 2002 07:51 AM

Boston Wine Expo

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I am new to Boston and wondering if the Boston Wine Expo is worth the price. Once in, do you get to sample wines for free or pay? Which day is better, Saturday or Sunday? Thanks.

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  1. Unless you're with the trade and can get in earlier, I would say forget it. It's a zoo!

    1. I will agree it's a zoo but you don't have to pay once you get in. I would suggest Sunday early because it's just trade people. By 1:00 it turns into a zoo. At that point find the nearest Italian table and stay there. They always have the largest quanity of wine to taste and the last 3 vintages have been great.

      1. this was great about 10 years ago, but now it is just too crowded. you can't speak to any of the vendors, they are just madly pouring and splashing. plus i've noticed that most are pouring their lower-end bottles now. has turned into a real disappointment.

        1. I did not enjoy the expo last year at all- too crowd and it was cold - they had us waiting out in line for over an hour...
          not worth it.