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Jan 10, 2002 09:12 PM

Boba in Boston

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Just got back from LA where the boba or bubble tea craze is in full force. Anyone know where to get boba drinks in Boston?

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  1. What is boba?

    1. There's been a couple of discussions on this board about that. Link to one of them:


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        Thanks for the link! In reply to the other poster, boba drinks, also known as bubble tea or pearl tea, are fruit juice or flavored teas/coffees with cooked tapioca balls (boba) resting at the bottom. I believe this drink originated in Taiwan.

        Although it might sound weird to be slurping solids through a straw along with the liquid, boba can be addictive.. the tapioca is soft and chewy and kind of absorbs the flavor of the drink.

        1. re: snorkmaiden

          Well, finally had my first bubble tea - thanks to your post. Someone earlier had mentioned a place in Chinatown called "Cindy's Planet" (on 70 Tyler Street) and we checked it out last Friday. It was a great little find. A little shop with a couple of tables and a counter. They had all sorts of Bubble tea (mango, almond, green tea, papaya, etc). There were three of us and we tried the coconut, the iced tea, and the coffee. Very good, after the initial reaction of slurping a big soft ball of tapioca through the straw! In addition, they serve lunch and breakfast there, both American and Asian dishes. They had rice plates, dumplings, noodles, and steamed fish balls. The dumplings looked good and if I hadn't just had the Hunan Dumplings at New Shanghai and moon cakes at the Chinatown bakeries (of course in the interest of other chowhound threads), I would've eaten again. They also had homemade ice cream and next time I'll pick up a tub - that day they had coconut, green tea, and red bean ice cream.

          I've also heard of another place across from Penang that is supposed to have the Bo-Ba, along with some unique Vietnamese fruit drinks. It's called Nam Vang Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant on 7 Beach Street. Oh well, another day....