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Jan 10, 2002 03:26 PM

Davis Square Area

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Whats the best places for a great dinner in Davis Square, or close by?

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  1. Hands down, the best place for a great dinner in Davis is Gargoyles. Delicious and creative (but not too creative) food, lovely presentation, stellar service, and a beautiful room (love the draperies). Dinner for two with wine and tip will cost about $85. A really special restaurant.

    Oh! And the cocktails are yummy as well!

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      Gracie beat me to it...I totally agree that Gargoyle's is the best place for great food, atmosphere and service in Davis Square. I was there for New Year's Eve, and as always, the food & service was superb.

      No matter whether you sit in the bar area or in the restaurant, you get excellent service, excellent food, and great drinks (thanks to Paul and Maureen!). You get the full restaurant menu in the bar, so no need to worry about not getting the best of the best if you're a smoker or with friends who smoke.

      1. re: Linda W.

        The Burren (across the street from Starbucks) serves some of the best pub food I've ever tasted. Dinner entrees range from eight to ten dollars, and the drinks are fairly priced.

    2. I agree, for a leisurely fine-dining experience, Gargoyles is wonderful (though I have to say that the service, while attentive, is often unbearably slow). But every meal I've had there has been pretty scrumptious.

      If you're looking for less high-end/expensive places, I'd recommend :
      1. Redbones for a messy fun ribs meal ($15ish);
      2. What's Cookin on College Ave. for just plain-good homecooking and amazing desserts ($7-10);
      3. Buono Vita for wonderful pasta dishes (in Teele Square; not right in Davis) ($12-15)
      4. Sullivan's on Somerville Ave. for a great burger and beer ($10-12)

      1. Oh, and I forgot the Elephant Walk on Mass Ave. (just 3 blocks outside Davis Square) for French/Cambodian ($18-22).