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Jan 10, 2002 07:45 AM

pizza in somerville

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Anyone know of any decent pizza places in Somerville? My dad is a big pizza guy and he's coming by for dinner tonight.

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  1. I used to go to LaHacianda on Medford St. (beside the shopping center in Union Square) Haven't been in many years but they had old style thin crust pizza. Emma's in Kendall Sq. cambridge has great thin crust nouveau pizza as does Figs in Charlestown.

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      La Hacienda still has excellent pizza. The place is a dive, but fun to go with a group. Tried about 5 different pizzas- all excellent. They have other stuff on the menu (standard American Italian) but don't know how it is. Pini's on Medford St. is very good and has fast delivery to somerville and medford. I like their Mediterranean- artichokes, roasted red peppers, spinach, and ricotta.

    2. Whatever you do, do not get pizza from Dial-A-Pizza on Beacon St (between Porter and Washington/Kirkland St).

      Incidentally if you are in that area and like scones I'd wholehearteadly recommend checking out Panini.

      Doubly incidentally and profoundly inappropriate for this reply (but one does what one must before rushing to catch a plane) I have discovered excellent, authentic Sichuan food in Brookline. The place is Sichuan Garden and a full review will be forthcoming. The condensed, compressed, distilled, and purified form is : order entrees from the 'chef's specials' or the chinese menu and, if you like spicy Sichuan foods you will be well pleased.

      Intending to be at the next 'hound gathering,
      all, always, in every weather, gloriously, absorbingly yours,

      1. Of all the pizza places in Boston, none can beat Santarpio's in East Boston.
        They are located at the exit of the tunnel on the way to the airport. As you exit the tunnel, take the local traffic exit to your right instead of going straight to the airport. There may be a line, especially on weekends, so dress for the weather.
        Their plain garlic pizza is incomparable, the best ever. They also make a mean homemade sausage.
        Before your pizza, you may want to try the lamb or sausage from the grill, served with homemade bread. They have a full bar and you may want to double check on this, they also are open for lunch.
        The crust is thin with a great consistency and flavor from the old ovens. Therre are booths and sawdust on the floor, and another room which has bigger tables in back.
        For the past twenty four years I have searched for better pizza all over the region, but Santarpio's RULES. They are also very reasonably prized. I always take an extra pie home with me!!!!

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          23 years of pizza search, and I always end up back at Santarpio's!
          For purists, the garlic pizza is out of this world. They make their own sausage, for the pizza and for their grill. Before the pizza you can have grilled sausage or lamb skewers with homemade crusty bread.
          On weekends there may be a line of regulars.

          1. re: eileen

            It is my opinion,(MY OPINION, mind you, please take no offense) that Santarpio's is the single most overrated pizza in the Boston area...I had planned to make the pilgrimage for years; read about it all the time, think pizza is the perfect food. Finally went on a Sat. nite at the time of the month that I CRAVE pizza...So amazingly mediocre I was stunned...After I dragged the SO to East Boston, and waited in line on the street...The crust was soggy, there was too much cheese, nothing was crisp or differentiated. And no, we didn't get too many extra toppings on it--onion and mushroom....I will stand for that from neighborhood take-out, tho not more than once....It seems, from what past history has said, that Santarpios was once great, but is now resting on it's laurels..BTW, the SO DID like the grilled lamb. His opinion of the pizza was even more virulent than mine.

            1. re: galleygirl

              We ate at Santarpios on New Year's Eve after hearing about it from friends for several years. The pizzas were reasonable, but they weren't so good that I would travel to East Boston just to get a fix. On the other hand, the sausage barbeque served with fresh bread and cherry peppers was excellent. For me, good sausage is much harder to come by than good pizza and I like the atmosphere of the place. Overall, worth a try, but like most places with a fierce following, ignore the hype as it's often greater than the product.

              1. re: Bricoleur

                I tried to keep my pizza recommendations to the Somerville area. As for Santarpio's it has been one of my go to 's for pizza but be warned, the word is that there are two different pizza chefs. you just have to hit it right. As for the place in Medford, DiPasquale Bros. I went once having heard of it, thought the pizza was terrible, couldn't finish it, and couldn't get away from it fast enough. Then the waitress said "Don't you want to take it with you?"

                For an excellent slice when I get a craving I go to
                Bianchi's on Revere Beach. Excellent thin crust by the slice, take out only. Sit on the seawall across the street.

        2. p
          Peter McCarthy

          My favorite pizza in the area is at De Pasquale Brothers in South Medford. Great crust, great sauce, great cheese; great pizza. They've been making pizza since the 20's.

          They're at:
          374 Main St

          1. Espresso Pizza of Somerville is good for made-to-order pizzas. I think I've tried their pizza by the slice, too, but it was awful.

            Tonight we ordered three large pizzas: onion and green pepper, cheese, and sausage. The pizzas arrived piping hot. The crust was relatively thin, but chewy. The sauce tasted very tomatoey and slightly sweet--very good. I was satisfied with the cheese, neither greasy nor pasty. Even the sausage was nice, not gristly or greasy, and served in slices rather than ground up like dogfood.