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Jan 7, 2002 02:36 PM

Deli Haus closed

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Actually, they were calling themselves the Underground these last few months. Maybe that was part of the problem, they stopped serving breakfast all day and maybe turned away from the loud rock hangout it had become, which seemed to be doing okay. It's not a huge loss but when you lived in Kenmore Sq. as long as I did and went to the Rat an average of 3 times a week, it's kind of sad. Kenmore Sq. doesn't even exist anymore.

And no one knows what happened to Henry's Diner? I'll email my Roadside connection. A simple breakfast is getting tougher to find, Brigham Circle Coffee Shop also closed a month or so ago.

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  1. I was very unhappy when late this summer I went to the Deli Haus for brekfast to find it boarded up and being turned into a....gasp....BU bar!! They had the best Pastrami and egg breakfast! mmmmmmm... I must say they still have those good german fries and the food is still good but I miss the old Deli haus..

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      The whole place is closed now tho. Whatever you want to call it, Deli Haus, BU Bar, Underground, closed as of Dec. 29.

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        After moving to New York this past year, one of the simple things that I missed the most was the Deli Haus. Where else can you go and drink coffee for hours as well as have a great banana split? That is so unfortunate that it closed.