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Jan 6, 2002 05:20 PM

Asian restaurant in/around Brookline, Mass.

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Will be residing in the Brookline, Ma. area and am in need of names of outstanding Asian restaurants in the area. Preference is for Thai or Malaysian cuisine.

Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. I just finished another glorious delivery meal of Pad Ki Mow from a thai grocery/restaurant called Dok Bua on Harvard Ave (between comm and beacon) Now, this is not your average Boston Thai place either...a close Thai friend of mine tells me that this is the real deal.


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      The only problem with ordering delivery from there is that you can't check out the daily specials!! I've been going there once a week!

    2. I'm partial to Rod Dee for thai take-out in Brookline (Beacon at corner of Summit). Slightly outside of Brookline, you can go to Brown Sugar, either in the Fenway on Jersey St. or on Comm Ave., near Babcock). Brown Sugar is better if you want to actually sit down and eat. Rod Dee, in my mind, is the perfect take-out place: cheap and always good. The one Brookline malaysian restaurant I know of (Pandan Leaf) closed recently and it looks like a new thai eatery will be opening in its place. Brookline is also the home to a pretty stunning array of Japanese places, many of which have been discussed on this site. If you like sushi - Coolidge Corner is a good neighborhood to be in.

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