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Jan 5, 2002 05:06 PM

Best lunchspot downtown? Sammy L's for me!

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Just wanted to give props to the best sandwich joint EVER - Sam Lagrassa's!! The grilled pastrami and swiss on light rye with spicy mustard makes me so very very happy! Also wanted to know any other spots around the financial district that I may have overlooked?...Pho

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  1. Pho...You've already found the 1 of the best...their corned beef is great too. For a great fresh roasted turkey, try Grass Roots on Devonshire, Italian cold cut..J Pace...2 locations on Devonshire..1 Federal St, Devonshire Italian..chicken parm, lasagna..Viga..2 spots in financial district...Japanese/sushi..Sakura Bana..Broad St..go early..11:45 or wait for a table or bar spot..or take out...Sultans Kitchen..Broad St...middle eastern..long time favorite..mostly takeout..Mexican..Real Taco..too hard to describe how to find..basically between Macys and CTown..worth finding..they have a website with a map..they are around the corner from the Good Life.. great burgers...Silvertones..just a block away from Sam L..more of a sit down restaurant..everything is good.

    of course Chinatown is only a short walk from the financial district, but that's a whole new topic.


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    1. re: 9lives've got some fin. district skills! How bout Fries at Max's deli? I get my curry fix at bombay club, and Thursdays at Pizzaria Rico are home to The best gobbler around!! I will have to check out Real Taco and Sultans Kitchen...Both have been on my list for a while. I am near Chinatown so I do not mind a trip there once in a while. I usually end up in the Eatery but have had some pretty good stuff at the Hong Kong eatery up the street. My fav in that area is a sit down at the Apollo Grille and sushi!!! I love that place!!

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        Surprised neither of you considered Daddy's Roast Beef at Kingston and Bedford. In the few times I have been there I have always stuck with the roast beef. Simple but tasty. The super or what ever they call their premium sandwich on the onion egg roll seems better to me than the regular. And, as for toppings/condiments, they make it Your way.


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          I agree that daddy's is good. Problem is..I went there 2 times a week last spring and burnt out! and then..I discovered Sammy l's pastrami. aarrgghghghh...soo good.... Maybe time for another visit to daddy's.