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Jan 4, 2002 04:49 PM

Reminder: Penang this Tuesday!

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Don't forget - Chowhounds dine together this coming Tuesday, Jan. 8th, at Penang Restaurant on Washington St. in Chinatown. We're planning to meet at 7pm. All are welcome. At last count we had at least 10 people coming -- should we need reservations for a Tuesday night?

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  1. For 10 people, we might want to give them a heads-up.....

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      1. re: 9lives

        woo woo!! I am in!! =)

        I have been busy (therefore, awefully quiet on the board), but I been waiting for the meet =)

        I am bringing one friend, and maybe two.

        Look forward to it.


        1. re: Ben

          Count me in too please!

          1. re: Rubee

            Count me in with a friend.

    1. I'm sad that due to out of town work visitors I will be unable to join you all. Please post a detailed review, and be sure to order the Roti Canai -- Indian pancake with delicious dipping sauce -- and the Beef Rendang. I think those are the best items on the menu.

      Have fun!