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Dec 22, 2001 09:31 PM

Locke- Ober

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Made it to Locke-Ober the other day for lunch. Arrived at 2:00 p.m. and took our chances. Not a chance as they close at 2:30 and were still waiting to seat ten deuces! They do have tables at the bar where the bartender took stellar care of us despite being extremely busy. My Clams casino, Locke-Ober lettuce and rack of lamb luncheon could not have been better. My girlfriend's Cape scallops were a bit dry but had a wonderful bacon breadcrumb. Indian pudding finished it out. Classic meal, classic flavors, classic look. If it weren't for being so well taken care of and not being snubbed by snobby attitude, I could have sworn it was the old Locke-0ber! Kudos to Lydia!

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  1. a few years ago I was temping due to a bad back and the agency called me for their more eclectic calls...I met my client south of south station....a really rich couple with their own train. Well their personal chef-conductor asked me to bring him first to a store to buy a jacket, so he could have lunch at LO, and find out and taste how they make their chowder. The train owners loved it that much....don't know what it was like or if it's still good enough to go for a few hundred dollar tasting, to try to replicate for the rich and not so famous..........any thoughts on the chowder there and if it is the same,,,,I'd love to try the one I was involved in!!!!!!!!!!!!!