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Dec 21, 2001 02:06 PM

where to eat hotdogs in Boston; coneys; chicago style hot dogs

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I went to Detroit for Thanksgiving and, due to time constraints and family commitments, never ate at a Coney Island hotdog restaurant. When I got home to
Boston I got so hungry thinking about coneys that I turned to the internet for information about hotdog restaurants in Boston.

I found that (according to Yahoo Yellow pages) there are no restaurants within 20 miles of Boston with any of the following in their name: 'hotdog', 'hot dog',
'coney', 'nathan'.

The good news is that there are some coney island hot dog restaurants in the greater Boston, but the closest are in Attleboro, Taunton, Worcester, and Fall River.

Discussion questions:

Where do you go out for a good hotdog in Boston?

Where are there coney island or the exotic (to a detroiter) Chicago style hotdogs to be had in Boston?

Final note: Famous Weiners, Scituate RI, on RT 6 about 10 miles west of Providence is worth a stop. Famous Pizza right next door will not disappoint either.

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  1. I don't know which style he would fit in, but you have to try Speed's Hot Dogs in Newmarket Square. I've never had anything like his before and they are the best hot dogs I can remember having. Speeds is a food cart set up in an industrial section of boston just south of the Boston Medical Center. Check it out, and check out the prior discussion.


    1. I am certainly no expert - but I find the dogs at Code 10 pretty good - I am a purist, and seek only a good dog with a fresh roll. They have a wide variety of dogs (Rhode Island Reds are my favorite) and fresh rolls daily. They also have an abundance of toppings like chili, kraut, etc...

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      1. re: Roejimmy

        So where is Code 10...I'm dying to go now...

        1. re: BoaterX

          Code 10
          1638 Washington St.
          South End, Boston
          Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

          I'd like to go there too, seeing as they have kosher hot dogs...

        2. re: Roejimmy

          Yes, Code Ten's specialty is hot dogs. It is located at the corner of E cocnord st and washington st in the south end.

          they also serve home made ice cream soups and sanwhiches

        3. Yes, the hot dog is not taken seriously in Boston, not like it is in other cities especially NYC, but there are a few oasis for the wiener minded. I am a big fan of Boston Speeds, indescribable, but he is not always there. Tues-Fri, about 11-2:30, get one with everything. I haven't been to code 10, but check out Joe & Nemo's on Cambridge St. Govt Center. They were an institution which dissappeared but which have recently been brought back. Casey's Diner in Natick is worth a trip. Also when in the neighborhood of South Station, there is a place in the food court. Out of town there is Eliot's in Lowell and a place in Lawrence by a bridge over the river (can't remember the name). Good luck.

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          1. re: chuck s

            The place in the food court at south station is OK, although I cannot imagine making a trip special for that. They do have a few different types of sausages as well as dogs which they put on the grill at the time you order it. Don't remember if they serve beer.

            1. re: wrayb

              Just reread the original post. If you were looking in the phone book for something like Nathans, well the place in the Southside station is definately a step up from that.

              My favorite hot dog recently is the place in the small airport in Chicago, not Ohara, ummmm, at Midway. I like everything about it: the dog, the peppers, the bun. But that is another board and they probably have tons better in the city.

              1. re: wrayb
                Alicia Powell

                Just watched a FoodTV show, "Unwrapped" all about hot dogs. They said that Chicago airports sell more hot dogs than anywhere else in the US, that many people can't be wrong?

                1. re: Alicia Powell

                  Oh, they are so wrong. I had a sorry excuse for a dog two trips back to Chicago (on they way out of town, didn't make it while there). Last trip was much better, had one somewhere in town (don't remember where, not really my cup of tea though, bring on Papaya King).

            2. re: chuck s

              The Providence area is a hotbed for something very close to coneys.

              Many joints serve something called "weiners," often known as "New York system" weiners. The whole thing is bizarre. First of all, note the spelling is weiners, not wieners. Weiners are slimmed-down wieners. Second, no one has been able to conclusively trace the derivation of "New York system." Truly one of the great mysteries of the chow world.

              IMHO, the only way to eat weiners is with "meat sauce (close to Cincinnati chili), onions, and celery salt, preferably around 2:00 AM. The average chowhound can eat four. If you order enough at once the counterman will prepare them "up the arm."

              The center of the weiner universe is the blue-collar Olneyville section of Providence, but there are weiner joints all over the area.

              Another thing to look for in Providence is a local brand of hot dogs known as Saugys. They are packed by A. Saugy and Co., and are sold as links in local markets. Since we kept kosher at home, I don't think I've ever tasted a Saugy, but many people swear by them.

              Finally, another late-night hot dog treat is found at Haven Bros., a trailer parked next to Providence City Hall every night. If you haven't eaten a few "gaggers" at Haven Bros., in the company of bums, winos, and assorted wackjobs at 1:30 AM in 10 degree weather, you haven't had the full Providence experience. Don't let the tourist brochures fool you!

              1. re: Bob W.


                Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post! Informative and damn funny. I've already sent it to some of my foodie friends. You're a true Chowhound!

                1. re: Bob W.

                  Where did you grow up? I lived in Warwick -right near the cranston weiner place. It was also right near the del's in Cranston- near the border.

                  I akso lived in VA (for 4 years)

                  There's not a day that goes by that I don't crave all the awesome food from RI- It's the best kept secret in the country and the best food in the world.

                  I'm just sorry that Rocky Point closed down and they had the BEST clam cakes in the World !!

                  I remember the DEL'S truck making the rounds and stopping right in front of our house every night in the summer- (lots of kids in my area) and with 6 kids in my family- they were smart to stop at our house !)

                  Back then a small was 25 CENTS ! a med 50 and large 75- those were the good old days..... :)

                  1. re: littlerhody

                    I believe that the clam cake place at Rocky Point is still there. If I'm not confused, I had them there two years ago. Can't remember the name of the place.

                2. re: chuck s

                  Ok so this is an old thread. I just found it.

                  I've had dogs in Chicago, and these aren't the same but I like em.

                  On Rt. 1 in Cape Neddick, Maine is a place called Flo's. It looks like a total dive on the outside. It's only open from 11AM to 3PM.

                  The unique thing about the New England dog is the bun, more like a piece of white bread that has been folded. Flo uses the Shultz's hot dogs, steamed to order. Sounds VERY weird but if you go there order them with sauce and mayonnaise.


                  1. re: humin

                    Second'ed- the best thing about the drive up to Maine is the lunch stop at Flo's.

                3. UBurger sells a dog pretty close to a Chicago style one, I like it, the bun is like their burger bun, not off-the-grocery-shelf, nice and fresh and the sausage griddled nicely, all the right condiments IIRC. Not as good as the ones I've had in Chicago, but Boston is definitely wanting in quality hot dogs for some very sad reason. I've tried Spikes too, and though they have one that is close to the Chicago dog in style, their buns are just not right for my taste.

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                    6 years old...............................................................

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                      Mods must be on break; I pinged them a couple of hours ago. Funny, I post something remotely off topic and it disappears in a nanosecond; a 6-year-old thread resurfaces and it lingers for hours.

                      P.S. The UBurger dog is good, but nothing like a Chicago dog. Spike's dog is not good, and also nothing like a Chicago dog.

                  2. The original comment has been removed