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Dec 21, 2001 09:15 AM

The Secret's Out

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The Boston Herald reviewed Taiwan Cafe today. Get ready to wait in line.


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  1. saw this while sitting at a puter overlooking the beach in Mexico...gonna try not to let it ruin my to eat a few shrimp tacos

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    1. re: 9lives

      Come on you guys, you think this place is going to be spoiled by a few hundred extra gringos hitting it for a month or so? Have faith. Sure prime dining time will be evermore crowded but it has been pretty crowded at those times already. We have to learn to share.


      ps - 9lives, don't forget the sunblock. Enjoy the fresh limes.

    2. I hope they don't change to cater to the masses.

      I put a link below to the Boston Herald Review.


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      1. re: fatboy

        Don't worry, they won't. About a month ago, a friend of mine, who is a regular bruncher and is tired of the waits, asked the owner if he plans to expand. They have no such plans. He says there is no reason to change things, as the size and volume of the business is very manageable and profitable.

      2. This has REALLY ruined my day......

        1. Hmmmm. I guess you guys missed the Taiwan Cafe review in the Boston Phoenix a couple years ago. Also, I've been wondering if any of you Taiwan Cafe fans have been to Chung Shing Yuan in Newton/Watertown. I hear they serve the area's best Taiwanese food, including a Taiwanese brunch on the weekends. I've been there for brunch years ago, but not since. I'm hoping you boston chowhounds will do the research (eating) and fill us in.

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          1. re: Eric Eto

            I've heard it's ordinary during the week, but shines during the brunch...haven't been there--it's on the list!!

            1. re: Eric Eto

              I keep meaning to post about this place but I can never remember the name. Chung Shing Yuan in Watertown IS great on the weekends, but it was a "once in a lifetime experience" on a weeknight--as in I will not go back on a weeknight in my lifetime! But back to the good part--On many occasions for brunch we have had excellent fried turnip cake, pork in bean curd skin, sweet and spicy cabbage salad, tofu salad, pan fried buns, and noodle dishes (no seafood that I saw, but excellent Taiwanese meat and vegetarian options). On a weeknight the food was completely mundane and not well done. My son described the chicken as smothered in cough syrup, which was about right.

              Now we only go on Sat. or Sunday and are very content. Note that the restaurant opens both days at 11:30. You must line up outside to get in. If you get in line at 11:00 for 11:30, you will get in for the "first seating". As you approach 11:15 for getting in line, your chances of being seated dwindle rapidly even though it may look OK when you get in line. Many people put one person in line at 11:00 and then a whole car load will empty and join that person at 11:25. It can be very demoralizing for a hungry chowhound! If you miss the "first seating", it is about a 45-60 minurte wait to get a seat. Since the place fills up completely within 2 minutes of 11:30, most of the seats also "turn over" together too.

              In any event, as soon as we noticed the long lines of regulars outside on the weekends, this became our favorite Newton spot on the weekends for Chinese food. It has cut our dim sum forays into Chinatown by at least half.