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Dec 19, 2001 05:42 PM

Icarus menu highlights?

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I'm going to Icarus for the first time this Friday, and I was wondering if anyone has eaten off their current menu. Anything to try? Anything to avoid? In general, what sorts of things do they do best?



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  1. The Grilled Shrimp with Mango and Jalapeno Sorbet has been kept on the menu since they opened, and it's very good. I would also recommend the foie gras. Be sure to ask what the nightly "pasta whim" is, it's always delicious. I'm not usually a pork fan but I've ordered the Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Chop with Sweet Potato Bourbon Butter & Sweet Potato Souffle twice, it's THAT good. They brine it so it's juicy and tender, and I love sweet potatoes.

    1. Icarus is a great changes all the time..I took a cooking class at the Boston Center for Adult Chris Douglas(chef/owner)..very nice guy and he is very active in the Boston community..we cooked the "polenta with wild mushroom"..great...I would guess that everything on the menu is very good..Enjoy!

      ps..I would probably order the Niman Ranch pork chop.

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        Hey, when are you going to cook for us ;)

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          I love to genre of chowhound meets??

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            It's the fundraiser!!! i do a cheesecake that defies all others...Passed from father to daughter....

      2. We were there on Friday, I think the first night of the new menu. My husband had the shrimp with mango/jalapeno sorbet and the peppered venison. I had the sweetbreads app (I love sweetbreads-so hard to find) and the duck breast(one of the tenderest ducks I have had). Everything was great. Our friend had the pork and said it was very good. (My husband doesn't mind my sharing but sometimes people mind my swooping in and tasting their meals.)
        If you are a chocoholic order the warm chocolate soufflee cake for dessert. You have to order it with the meal. It is huge. We split it three ways and no one was deprived.