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Dec 19, 2001 05:40 PM

Chow Pins and T Shirts

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Nice gift package arrived today...very cool!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your package! Hey, can you please tell people how incredibly well-printed and produced the t-shirts are? I'm sincererly delighted with quality of the work, but every time I extol them I come off sounding incredibly flacky!

    These are REALLY COOL t-shirts, and I'm proud of them!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim is absolutely right..very high quality..logo is even better in person than on the puter. I also got a little tiny tshirt for my new niece..6 months's youngest chowhound? I think we should all wear the pin or tshirt at our regular chowmeets..great way to know each other...and help out the chowhound site.

      1. re: 9lives

        No way is your niece the youngest chowhound; it's going to be my grandson, age three months on the 12/11!
        Just kidding! He doesn't have his T-shirt yet, but it's on it's way! pat

        1. re: Pat Hammond

          You got me beat..long live the next generation! hopefully your grandson and my niece will be trading restaurant ideas..good places on Mars or Venus...great Jupiter food..:)

          1. re: 9lives

            "your grandson and my niece will be trading restaurant ideas..good places on Mars or Venus...great Jupiter food..:)"

            If life is discovered there, I hope they try it and decide whether it's delicious...

        2. re: 9lives

          What are the baby shirts like? We only ordered a few of them, and I actually haven't seen them.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            same high quality..only difference is that the logo is in the center of the shirt instead of the upper left should love the chowhound.

          2. re: 9lives

            No, the world's youngest chowhound is a mere 5 weeks old. The little darling also gets the fabulous t-shirt. She's the first born into our yum-yum club which is a group or friends (3 couples) that monthly seek out the best new dining adventures.
            Chow on.

          3. re: Jim Leff

            Jim, Dennison went on and on about his T-shirt. He's going to order more. He even said, "woohoo"!


          4. They're not kidding, folks. My shirt arrived today too, and it's a class act. Beautiful fabric, logo sharp and clear. Worth every penny. Looking forward to displaying it at my next aerobics class!

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            1. re: C. Fox

              I love mine too and almost feel motivated to go for a run today to show it off.