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Bar menu at Radius - and Great Cocktails!

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Checked out the new (well, a couple of months) bar menu at Radius, along with a few of their specialty cocktails. We tried the "Incredibly French Steak Tartare with gaufrette potato chips and quail egg", the "Potato Skins" with salmon tartare, caviar and chives, and "Mozzarella Sticks" - fresh mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto. Everything was excellent but the favorite was the homemade, slightly thick potato chips that you topped with salmon tartare. The steak tartare was very good if you're a fan of the simply prepared tartare as my SO is, but I like it with all the extras - capers, lemons, dijon, etc. (No. 9 and Abe and Louie's are my faves). They also have a tapas plate (bacalao torte, roasted peppers, etc.), fried Ipswich clams, tempura vegs, and a sausage/pate plate. Prices run about $12-14. Not cheap- after all you're enjoying the atmosphere at Radius and Schlow's excellent food - but nice if you want to just have a light dinner but not spend $$$$ (appetizers on the regular menu usually run $15-17, entrees $25-40+).

We tried three of the specialty cocktails ($9). First, their Apple Martini. If you like these, their's is the best - made with fresh Granny Smith apple juice and vodka that they have soaked "Jolly Rancher" green apple candies in. For brandy fans, their Sidecar is made with blood orange juice. But my favorite was the Limoncello Martini - made with Limoncello and Absolut Citron infused with ginger. Two others I didn't try (yet!) are a "French 8" made with Lillet blonde and orange blossom water. They also had a Bosc Pear bellini made with Prosecco (pear puree with an Italian sparkling wine). Happy Holidays!

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  1. I must agree. The bar menu at Radius is excellent. The tempura was outstanding and the salmon was fantastic. We opted for dinner entrees while eating at the bar (instead of all bar menu items), and we were very pleased. The apple matini is a must and the limoncello is out of this world. Pricey, but well worth the experienc. Services was excellent, treated no differently while eating at the bar as opposed to the dining room. Bartenders are knowledgable and pour a fine drink.