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Dec 18, 2001 08:37 PM

Bonfire..A Must For Carnivores

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Had dinner tonight at Bonfire..if you like red meat, you gotta sit at the bar..overlooking the open kitchen..big hunks of prime rib..bloody rare..and finished to order (I'd have ordered except for JMB's soso review), racks of lamb..being assembled in triple chops, steaks, triple pork chops, veal chops...all the meat is just beautiful. We started with a raw tuna taco..awesome..NY rare..garlic smashed potato and bok choy. The steak came..overdone and cold..we told the waitress/ was immediately taken away and replaced by a steak that was done perfectly. Restaurants can make mistakes. To me, part of what makes a good restaurant is how quickly they can fix a mistake..Bonfire passed that test with flying colors.

The dining room is pretty...but eating at the bar and overlooking the kitchen was a big part of the very enjoyably experience.

Galleygirl..not sure if this place is for you...:)

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  1. Are you kiddin?? I'm hittin' that place for the raw tuna taco!!!

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      It would be worth it..there's a grilled tuna on the entree menu too...but when you sit at the bar, it's like looking into a butcher shop..with a few campfires going. I loved it..The steaks at Mortons or Cap Grill are great..but here it was like dinner and a show.

    2. I was there last night too... at the bar around 9:30pm-10:30pm. The meat is quite a sight and the taco menu at the bar was intriguing. Last week actually had dinner there and had a wonderful Pork Shoulder dish lots of tender pork that fell apart when I cut it. We had several sides too that were memorable.. Bok Choy, green beans and potatoes... and a crab cake app. which was very good.

      1. So where is this place??

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            Where is Park Plaza? I don't know Boston too well but is Park Plaza labeled on the map?

            1. re: fatboy

              The Park Plaza is one of the big hotels in Boston, located in Park Sq. by the Arlington T stop.