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Dec 18, 2001 05:11 PM

Preserved lemon needed for recipe - where?

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Is there a good source of moroccan-style preserved lemons in the Boston/JP area? I'd make my own but I have all the ingredients except this one. Thanks (wanted to try the Garlic Chicken in a Pot recipe from last weeks' NYT) D

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  1. (sorry just saw the thread of 12/14 - I searched for 'preserved lemon') %*

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    1. re: sionnac

      I made the chicken last saturday without any lemon and i was very pleased with it.

      When you make it - don't forget to have really good bread to serve alongside - all thsoe garlic cloves are so very squeezeable!!

      1. re: barbara

        It was good, thanks to RuthAnn & Camillo at Casablanca... Had a lovely lunch there, the roasted cod is wonderful, perfectly cooked, sl. crispy exterior, & green beens w/preserved lemon to accompany. My cousin had the duck confit which was also very good.
        Made the latkes in the NYT last week - seemed a little too hash-browny. May have grated the potatoes too coarsely.