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Dec 18, 2001 05:05 PM

Fifty Seven

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New Restaurant in Theater district... Which I'm happy to say has....Joe's stone crab on menu ($15) and I hear the Peppercorn Sirloin Steak ($28)is very good. (Beef from Nebraska)

Check out the 50's style red booth's very cool! And, my favorite bartender is managing the bar... Tom from No. 9 Park...

I'll be there this week... so review is coming

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  1. A friend had dinner on Saturday..had the stone crab/steak entree..thought it was great..service was a little weak.

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      I had the Tower of Seafood last night it was pretty good... for thirty dollars you get seafood to the sky, with 3 oysters, 3 extra large shrimp, 3 clams and two stone crab claws...

      And, We had the steak tar tar... it was preblended with the usuals red onions, capers etc... Tasted good but - I'm not a big raw beef eater so I can't tell one tar tar from the next. Service at the bar was great... and their No ten tanquery Martini w/ fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is delicious!!