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Dec 17, 2001 03:57 PM

clam report again

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recent quick trip to boston...

was in ipswich/essex...

woodman's was open, theyll be open all winter...the clams were so damned rubbery....

the clam box, my old favorite, was still up to par, still melt in the mouth. they closed 12/16 for the season.

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  1. Unfortunately, Woodman's has not been very good for a while..maybe a victim of it's own success...definitely avoid the lobsters..pre cooked and warmed up. I've been a long time fan of Farnhams..on Rte 133...few miles east of Woodmans.

    1. I lived in Essex for a few years (just down the street from Woodmans) but if we wanted clams, we would drive to the Ipswich Clam Box. Woodmans is definitely not worth the money. I don't know why we never went to Farnhams because that was right across the street, but have always heard good things about it. It's very popular with the locals.

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        Wow Rubee, how do you live right across from Farnham's for a few years and not go even once?

        I still recommend East End Seafood in Rowley (I think). Awesome clams but some of their other things weren't up to par.

      2. I rotate between Clam box, Farnhams, and Woodmans. There is something to be said about all of them. Last time in Essex I went to Essex Seafood on 133. It has been mentioned in earlier posts and is a worthwhile alternative.

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          Got some clams at the wholesale (?) lobster and clam place in Manchester (its on the road heading to the Manchester Athletic Club - take exit 15 off 128 twds Essex, its on the right about 50 yds over the bridge. They were excellent!!!! BTW we got 4 1.5 lb. lobstahs and 2 pounds of steamahs for $40.00!!! They say the best months for steamers are those months without an "R". That leaves out the summer xcept for 3 wks in SeptembeR.

        2. Clam Box, one of my favorites, was closed the week after Labor Day. Bummer. Went to Farnham's and Essex Seafood as a result of postings here. Both very good! Steered a mighty loop around Woodman's.