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Dec 17, 2001 02:52 PM

lunch chow near BMC?

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Does anyone have a good suggestion for lunch near Boston Medical Center? We used to go to Geoffrey's but they've moved out of walking range. I've tried Flour Cafe and Bakery, but the line's out the door and there weren't even close to enough seats at noon. Rebecca's Cafe is too institutional and too familiar. I'm just looking for a good lunch spot where 4 colleagues can go and relax and eat well. Any ethnicity is fine. Thanks for any suggestions. (BMC is near the corner of Mass. Ave. and Harrison/Albany St.).

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  1. Is Mike's on Washington St. too crowded for you? What about that diner on the other side of Melnea Cass (altho I've never tried it)?

    And Geoffrey's on Tremont St. closed that location? I assumed it added the Comm Ave/Dartmouth location in addition to the original. That Comm Ave. spot seems to be a death space (like the spot on Beacon just past St. Mary's) whereas Tremont is always jumping.

    1. There's supposed to be a great Ethoipian place near there, that I've never tried..I think it has a non-Ethiopian name, like Friendly restaurant, or something...I thought it was right one Mass Ave...Sorry to be so vague; I remember reading about it in the Phoenix, and maybe even the Globe..Anyone else heard of it??

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        Not to change the subject (although I am and I apologize)..

        Speaking of Ethopian food, has anyone ever been to Addis Red Sea? I've always wanted to go but heard it's better with a group. Which raises the question of maybe a Chowhound Dinner there in the future?

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          No, I've never been, and yes, let's add that to our list!

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            I've never been either but would love to try it.

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              The link to a review of fasika, the place in JP....


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                You guys are going to have me sabotaging equipment just so I come to Boston so often. That food writer did a good job of present Fasika. Makes me want to eat there for sure.

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                  I would just like to add that there is an Eritrean restaurant on Washington St. in JP that is run by a women's collective. It's called Sagla. The place has absolutely no atmosphere--it feels like a Dairy Queen. The food is pretty good though. There's never anyone there. I don't know how it is going to stay open, but I hope it does. Please go.

                2. re: C. Fox

                  I have eaten at Addis Red Sea once. The food was good.. different than anything that I have ever tried before. The atmosphere there was great. They have all the traditional mesob (basket-tables) and little stools. Great all around dining experience! They have a website too! I have added it below.

                  If you guys have an outing there, I would love to join you!


                  1. re: bhaloogirl

                    Wnet to Addis about 2 weeks ago, was so excited because the atmosphere was different, the little tables were neat, & the menu sounded awesome! Unfortunatly after our drinks and appetizer, which were excellent (try the belgium ale if your forced to go), it was all downhill. The food was served on cold, soggy bread, like a pita that had been soaking for far too long, and the food came out all pureed disgusting!!! And no flavor, except for a hint of cumin everything was bland, bland bland! Even the dishes the waitress said were really spicy came out bland. On top of that the seemed cold, like they had been sitting in a steam well for hours!
                    It was the worst dining experience I have ever had at an ethnic restraunt.

                3. re: Rubee

                  Let's definitely add it to our list!! I HAVE had Ethiopian food, tho not in Boston, and I loved it! Among the most complex mix of seasonings and flavours I can ever remember having! Would love to do a hound dinner at Addis Red Sea, but I understand there's an Eritrean Rest. in JP that's also supposed to be good, similar cuisine...But Addis Red Sea would be fine!

                  1. re: galleygirl

                    Thanks for your email on the Florida board.
                    Please let me know if an Ethiopian trip is planned! I used to make a point of having Ethiopian food when I traveled to Washington, D.C. (but haven't in a few years now). I think there's also an Ethiopian place on Mass Ave in Central Square. If I'm up for it, I'll try to get to Penang on the 8th. We'll be flying back from Orlando/Cocoa Beach on the 7th. Have you tried the Helmand (Afganistan cuisine) near the Cambridgeside Galleria and the Lechmere T stop. It's one of my favorite places.

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                My fiancee works at BMC, and whenever I come over to take her to lunch, we invariably end up at Christopher's on Harrison Ave. (Get the crab cakes if they have 'em!) We like them so much that they're catering our wedding!

                Caveat: it's a tiny, crowded place. Get your food to go and either eat in a sunny spot on the BMC campus or go to one of the parks in the neighborhood.

                1. Try Code Ten on the corner of E. Concord St and washington st.