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Next CH outing: The Plan

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Hi everybody, I'm making a decision just because _someone_ has to, and I started the "cast your vote" thread.

I say we visit Penang, Tuesday, January 8th at 7:00 pm. Penang is at 685 Washington St. in Chinatown.

Then let's meet wrayb for dim sum, whenever he can make it. (Weekends are best for me as a rule; then Weds. & Fris.)

I'll be perfectly happy to pass the gavel on to someone else for February.

Who's in for Penang?

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  1. Count me in for Penang!

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    1. I'm in!

      1. Sounds great to me.

        1. I'm there. Remember, those who don't like shrimp will have a harder time at Penang, but it's not impossible. Let's also start thinking about a good nightcap spot, for those who are so inclined.

          Thanks for making a decision C. Fox.

          1. Can I come too? I've never been to a chowhound outing before...

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            1. re: DZ

              "Can I come too? I've never been to a chowhound outing before..."

              yes..of course..everyone is welcome to join these outings..the more the merrier.

            2. Should be okay with me. then for an after dinner drink, how about Mantra. We can all squeeze into a bathroom stall and look through the one way mirror.

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              1. re: chuck s

                After a suitable number of drinks, of course.

              2. I assume there is still room at the table. I am planning to attend and will bring one other person who is also very keen on Malaysian food - two people total.