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Dec 17, 2001 04:05 AM

Green chile sources in Boston

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Okay, here's the thing. I'm getting married in May. Yay for me. Anyway, the lovely woman to whom I am bethrothed is a native Allstonian, and for reasons too varied and complicated to go into here, I'm moving from my current home base in Albuquerque to her neck o' the woods.

Now, I could not be happier about getting married, and I'm looking forward to moving to Boston, a city I love, but as a native Texan who's lived in New Mexico all his adult life, there's one thing that worries me. I know where to score decent tortillas, and if worse comes to worst, I can make my own. The spices I order from Penzeys anyway, so that won't change, and pinto beans are a staple pretty much everywhere now. Most other things I can get from the various Central American groceries that are all over Allston and Brighton. But I need to know where I can lay in some green chile***, which I have not yet been able to locate up there. Fresh-roasted is preferred, of course, but I know not to hope for that much. Seriously, those little frozen tubs will be fine. As long as I know I can still make my green chile chicken soup with avocado, I'll be able to adjust to everything else.

(***Terminology note for non-New Mexicans: green chile is the pod of long green chiles known collectively as either New Mexico or Hatch chiles, roasted, peeled and roughly chopped into a kind of slurry, and it's the backbone of New Mexico cuisine.)

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  1. congrats on your upcoming marriage...you might want to try Bread and Circus..they have a pretty fair offering of different peppers. There are a few Latin markets in the South End..if these don't work, there are large Latin populations in Chelsea or East Boston. welcome to Boston.

    1. If you find them, you MUST let us know where. I've been on a (desultory) prowl for months. The fresh are nowhere to be found (by me, thus far)-- Bread and Circus doesn't get them in season, and I don't think it stocks the frozen tubs.

      Good luck, and keep us posted.

      1. You should try Russo & Sons in Watertown. They have a product list on their website.

        Link: http://www.arusso.com/retail.htm

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          Hmm...they do seem to stock long hots, which will do in a pinch. I may still have to make my friends Fed-Ex me frozen batches (this is not uncommon among expat New Mexicans, believe it or not), but it they do have long hots, I can roast those on the stove a couple at a time and put them up myself. I'll remain on the lookout, but thanks so much!

        2. My friend Brian is from Albuquerque and has lived in the area for more than 20 years. He still has his mother ship them from home. He's found lots of great peppers in Boston but not like the ones from home.

          1. Stop&Shop stocks fresh green chiles. which you must roast yourself. There are also canneed roasted chiles that are not that bad. S&S also has tomatillos on occasin that ar neccessidad for true chile verde. Good luck, and don't be stingy with the cilantro.

            Willy (uno primero de chile verde)