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Dec 15, 2001 06:34 PM

Breakfast on Boston's north shore.

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Does anyone have good advice as to where we can go for breakfast/brunch in Salem, Beverly, Marblehead, etc...?

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  1. Funny you should ask. I'm currently engaged in a breakfast tour of the North Shore. I was going to wait until I was finished before posting my results, but that will take months, so here's the quick & dirty version of what I've got so far:

    Places I recommend:

    Stephy's Kitchen, Cabot & Beckford Sts. at Gloucester Crossing, Beverly

    Michele's Place, corner of Cabot, Winter, & Knowlton in downtown Beverly (you'll see what I mean when you get there)

    Salem Diner, 70 Loring Ave., Salem

    Places to avoid:

    Red's Sandwich Shop, Central St., Salem

    Dotty & Ray's, North St. (Rte. 114), Salem

    As you can see, it's still in the early stages. :-) Note that I haven't hit any brunch places yet; none of the above spots could be called elegant. If you post some specifics of what you're looking for, you'll probably get some more helpful answers.

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      I second Stephy's. When I lived in Beverly, I used to go there every Sunday.

    2. I've mentioned this before, the Capital Diner in Central Square Lynn. A Classic diner where everone "talks the talk". Huge portions, closed Sundays.

      1. Sunday brunch at the Lyceum in Salem. Can't be beat!!!