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Dec 15, 2001 07:49 AM

May's Cafe in Brighton

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Hi all,

Has anyone been to May's Cafe in Brighton in the ally of the corner of Beacon and Harvard ave? I was told it is a pretty good Taiwanese restaurant though I have never check it out myself. Any comments?

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  1. It's a great new Taiwanese place! All sorts of bubble teas. Very clean.
    It's located on 95 Glenville Ave (between Harvard Ave
    and Allston St) in Allston/Brighton.

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      I just went there last week. Very hard to find. Coming from Harvard Ave, it's 2 or 3 blocks down Glenville Ave. Indeed it was very clean. The food was very good, comparable to Taiwan Cafe. Good bubble tea. Very good pressed tofu/bamboo shoots. The minced pork rice (ru-ro-fan) was a bit bland (not fatty enough!) for my taste; I want to feel my arteries clogging up eating ru-ro-fan. But all in all, very nice Taiwanese place. Worth a try. (not open on Mondays).