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Dec 14, 2001 09:39 AM
Discussion the theater district

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nice review in today's Herald...anyone been? maybe for Ben?


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  1. It's a really pretty room and certainly convenient. I'm going to recommend Pravda 116 for a pre-theater dinner again cuz the food is good and you'll be out in time cuz people don't really eat dinner there. I don't know why cuz it's pretty good and it's a really nice space. Either the front room with the curved velvet banquettes or the back room by the fireplace. I've also been to Carpice across from the Wang and that had good food but again, it's not a destination for theater goers for some reason. Prices are both places are about $18-26.

    I was either gonna go to Troquet or Margo last nite and picked the latter since the prices were better and most people here didn't want to do a chowhound dinner there. We were foiled by a company Xmas party and ended up at Rustica. My stomach isn't feeling happy today altho the pork tasted great at the time.

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      I had dinner at Troquet a month ago... The wine list is extensive, and they have an interesting wine tasting menu you can order. However, the sevice and food were not the best. The waiter ignored or misunderstood our request to have each course come individually (as we were just late night sampling) and he brought them all at once. The food was not memorable, and the cheese platter was skimpy. The wines that were on the tasting menu were so so - an odd mix of unknowns.

    2. I have been checking out the sight religiously for a while but never wrote. Now I am initiating myself:

      Yes, I went to Troquet about a month ago with 6 other people. (We all work in the restaurant business.) It was a memorable night. The food was wonderful and the presentation is great as well. We all shared the appetizers (the highlights were the duck confit and the scallop dish). For dinner, I had the cod with spaghetti squash which was delicious. We had a cheese course and there was a truffled cheese that was like nothing I had ever had. A must try for cheese course fans. The wine list is extensive and very very resonably priced. They let you get a taste of alot-if not all- of them.
      Service was good (coming from a waitress, that means really good.)
      All in all, a great night out....

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        I *love* your handle. Have you tried the eggplant with basil at the Taiwan Cafe?

      2. We ate at Troquetabout a month ago. Nice room. Food and wine combos were hit-or-miss. May of the whites were waaaaay to perfumey to be successfully partnered with anything. Cheese course was average (Pigalle's is so much better). For the price, we thought the food to be very average. C+