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Dec 13, 2001 10:19 PM

Leek Dumplings at Wang's Fast Food

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I've been to Wang's Fast Food in Somerville 4 times now in the past few months, and I have decided it's time to write about it again. It was also reviewed in September (see link below). The restaurant is not really fast food and it's in Magoun Sq. in Somerville, which is the intersection of Medford St. and Broadway.

The highlight of Wang's Fast Food as far as I am concerned is the dumplings. They have 8 types I think, all very tasty. My favorite out of all of them (yes, I have tried every kind now) is the vegetarian leek dumplings, although the pork and leek dumplings come in as a close second. The leeks add such a great flavor, and although I am usually a meat dumpling fan, these vegetarian dumplings are like no others I have tried. All the dumplings are in the $4.50 price range for 12 dumplings, quite a deal.

As Megm writes in the link below, pretty much everything on the back page of the menu, the "Northern Chinese specialties" are the things to try.The restaurant seems to be more crowded on Sundays, when they are also open for lunch. On the one Sunday I went there, I had the freshest scallion pancakes EVER, while they weren't as great on a weeknight. The dumplings are equally good any night.

Some other chef specialties look good, i've had spinach with garlic sauce once which was nice, and I've had the pepper and salt fried whole shrimp. But for a bargain meal for two, go for two orders of dumplings (a total of 24!!!) and a small soup for each person. (the wonton soup is goooood) You'll both be filled right up with good, quite healthy homemade food for a total of under 15 bucks. YUMMMMM


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  1. I keep meaning to try this place.

    By the way, if you like dumplings, I know everyone must be sick of hearing abotu this place, but Taiwan Cafe has excellent ones. In particular the Veggie Dumplings. Ordinarily, like you, I am not a huge fan of Veggie dumplings, but these were out of this world.

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      Of course, when I read that, i had to pick up some veggie dumplings to go, at TC.. I hadn't bothered up til now, because i assumed they'd be the usual bland, doughey version of peking ravioli, and since they were steamed, i thought, "I can wait.." BUT< they were small(12 per order), delicate skinned and moist, full of chives, mustard greens, textured tofu and a little chopped yam(I think) noodle..Just wonderful...Thanks for the tip...I keep meaning to get to Wang's fast food, just don't get out there much....