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Dec 13, 2001 01:29 PM

tiger lily

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I'm wondering if anybody is familiar with Tiger Lily, the Malaysian place around Symphony Hall. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Yes, I've eaten there half a dozen times. It was always fine, if not revelatory. I remember a dish with fresh mango that was very good, also a beef dish served in a banana leaf that was spicy and good. It is very reliable for nights you plan to go to the symphony but I wouldn't seek it out otherwise.

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    1. re: Julie S.

      I'll second that assessment, based on my one (pre-Symphony) visit. Avoid the "Malaysian string beans". Try the shrimp curry, or the shrimp with bok choy.

      1. re: Julie S.

        Beware that mango dish!! Sounds good, but arrives covered with red sweet and sour sauce....My friend ordered it, and I was glad i hadn't...I do however, quite enjoy their grilled sea bass in banana leaf...That's about the ONLY thing tho, I think the rest of their menu is a little heavy and boring...I'm down there a lot because of the Huntington, and I like to eat RIGHT THERE, so our new favorite is the Thai place right next door to Tiger Lily, who's name I will post the next time I go by....

        1. re: galleygirl

          you said "arrives covered with red sweet and sour
          sauce" like that was a bad thing. OK, it probably was.

          but I wanted to mention that one time in my life I
          was served a fresh, homemade sweet and sour, at the
          home of a professional Chinese chef: it was really
          good, one of the most exciting and exotic dishes
          I've ever had.

          the trick to "real" or "good" sweet and sour is the
          vinegar. the dish needs to be served immediately
          after the vinegar is added so it is still tangy and
          aromatic while you eat it, making an enticing steamy
          updraft that you just have to smell, but which makes
          you cough it's so pungeant. You put a piece in your
          mouth and you salivate involuntarily from the sweet,
          and then as you bite there's a gush of lightly
          sweetened hot juice gushing over your tongue... an
          incredible dish.

          people around here rave about "authentic" chinese
          restaurants... I don't know of a restaurant that
          can pull this off, but it's a painful experiment
          when it fails so I don't often try to order it.

          1. re: supersnob

            The restaurant was Malaysian, not Chinese, not that that matters. The sauce was cloyingly sweet and artificial tasting, and both tastes were used instead of a natural sweetness and flavor that ripe fruit would have added to the dish. It was a big dissapointment

            1. re: galleygirl

              The mango dish is exactly as galleygirl described. I hate the food at Tiger Lily. I live around the corner and it's the only sit-down restaurant besides Movenpick that's open til two. So, I've been there a few times: shrimp dumplings were practically inedible, the coconut rice is gritty and mushy, the mango chicken tastes like it came out of a gumball machine, and the Tom Yum soup is just plain bad.