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Dec 13, 2001 08:04 AM

Early dinner near theatre district

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Hi fellow hounds,

Need some help here. My dear mother is visiting me this weekend, and I am taking her to see the Blueman show on sunday. Origianlly I had wanted to do a 4 pm show so I can take her to a nice place in northend for dinner afterwards. Unfortunately, the only thing left is the 7pm show. So.... any recommandation for a nice place we can go get an early dinner? Only limitation will be no Chinse/Asian food in general... she just flew from Taiwan so it's not the most interesting food to her right now ;-)


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  1. Try Pigalle, the food is out of this world and it is right in the neighborhood

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      I'm not sure of the price range you're looking for, but I like Pigalle a lot too. It's a husband and wife team formerly of No. 9 Park (chef and manager, I believe?). Marc Orfaly has also honed his talent at Olives and Sage. His wife worked at Grammercy Tavern in NY before No 9. It's French bistro menu, but with little surprises. The steak frites is great. The atmosphere is very warm It's small, dark walls, subdued but casually elegant. Service is excellent. More info at link below:


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        I'll third..or fourth the recommendation of Pigalle..they have a goat cheese tart appetizer that's awesome.

        Just some other thoughts for the theater district..steak..Flemings, Italian..Maggianos, seafood..Legals..all sort of good, but not great..Bristol lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel..very elegant, traditional..Bibas...excellent,very the LA Sports club..also creative... a few blocks away..Locke Obers..magnificent, classic Boston dining.. If mom likes simpler food...Brew Moon..burgers, etc..Bonfire..Todd English's new steak place in the Park Plaza..just reviewed on the board.

        I'll say that Pigalle would be my first choice..immediately came to mind...but there's lots of places in the hood.

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        I'll second Pigalle...and please do report back. I had a wonderful, if slightly uneven meal (wrong wine brought first go; entree delicious, but lukewarm [but they did comp us the warm chocolate cake for dessert saying, "Just wanted to prove we could serve *something* warm"...nice touch]) there a couple of months ago--hoped they were just working out the kinks. It's the kind of cozy place you hope will succeed in that area.

      3. Wow, Pigalle sure sounds good. But, would I have enough time to make it to the 7 pm show? (1 hr enough?)

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          1 hour is cutting it close...too nice a meal to have to keep checking your watch..they open at 5:30..I'd try to get there closer to that. Pigalle is literally just a few steps to the theater.