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Dec 12, 2001 04:04 PM

Vietnamese Restaurants

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I know this subject has been covered before, but this is a little more specific. I'm taking my mom (who is Vietnamese) out for dinner this weekend and would like to take her to a great Vietnamese restaurant. The only one we've been to is Pho Pasteur in Chinatown. It doesn't have to be fancy but I'd like a reasonably nice place (it's my mom after all!), where she can have dishes she may not have had in years (she prefers her own cooking so doesn't go to Vietnamese restaurants often). I know Galley Girl has mentioned Pho Hoa and Pho 2000. Can you give me more details? How about Pho Lemongrass? We're going to do a little educational (for me) shopping at Super88 so will be in the Dorchester neighborhood, if that helps.

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  1. Chuck s and I were talking about Pho Lemongrass last nite..He goes with some friends; it's local, they like it..I feel that it's nice and upscale,(good for a mother!), but not very authentic(bad for a Vietnamese mother!)..Pho 2000 is in Dorchester, and altho it's storefront, they've dressed it up a little recently. Fatboy, whose spouse is Vietnamese, said she found things there that she hasn't seen in this area(7 courses of beef!!)...One of my friends Vietnamese students say that Pho Hoa in Dorchester is authentic, but going past, i thought it looked too much like a fast pho place for dinner w/Mom...There's the Pho Pasteur in Allson, which has nice atmosphere, but too "pasteurized" for my taste...I'd start at Pho 2000, go to Super 88, then go somewhere rally upscale for dessert after!
    Ther may be some good new places in Dorchester, but I'm not toally up to date.
    Can you ask your mother for HER recipe for caramel fish on clay pot?(ca kho, it think....) After all, it's an educational trip!!!

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      Pho Lemongrass is okay to take your mom if she is Jewish (like mine) but if she is Vietnamese and not used to restaurant cooking, I'd look elsewhere. Their dishes seem to be more a fusion of Vietnamese and Chinese and cater more to Western tastes than I suspect some others mentioned. I like the Allston Pho but up the street on the next block across from Harpers Ferry is a Viet take out with a few tables that I've heard good things about. My 10 year old daughter likes it.

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        This is the problem with Vietnamese restaurants isn't it? If you want a nicer atmosphere, you're not gonna get super authentic food usually. Eating at Viet Hong (on Brighton Ave.) is tasty and cheap, but not relaxing and nice. I had some good noodles at Elephant Walk a few weeks ago but haven't eaten there enough to know if it used to be much better. It's certainly a nice room, food she may not have had before and good desserts.

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          I agree with galleygirl, your mother might like Pho 2000, the food is authentic and the atmosphere is pretty good. Then, Super 88 market is just a short ride from there- but stop at Bahn Mi Ba Le on Dorchester Ave (you will right past it anyways) on the way to the market.

          But you might also think about getting seafood at a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown such as Tawain Cafe, I know my Vietnamese mother-in-law loves East Ocean City in Chinatown for Hong Kong cuisine. She cooks Vietnamese food everyday and she likes the change of pace of a nice Chinese Restaurant (as long as there is seafood).

          1. re: fatboy

            Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

            You know Fatboy, that is a good idea. Maybe I'll do Taiwan Cafe. I certainly know what to order and my mom would love the clay pot.

    2. I'd highly recommend Pho 2000; Pho Hoa is good but they only serve Pho. Pho 2000 is certainly a notch above the Dorchester Vietnamese places, and they have a pretty varied menu. I haven't been to Pho Lemongrass or Pho Pasteur, so I can't make a meaningful comparison there.

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        Where is Pho 2000.. its not in the yellow pages and I cant see mt ofind it anywhere. Does anyone know the address?

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          It's right in Fields Corner...Go down Dot Ave(south), take a sharp,almost backward, right, and it's a block up, on the right..I THINK, it's called Adams St..

      2. how fun loving is mom? Pho Republique in the South End?

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          Ha Ha. I thought of that. My mom drinks one glass of wine every now and then and I was picturing her in that Vietnamese 'brothel decor', having a mango martini, and bopping to the music......

          I also thought of Elephant Walk for Cambodian but I've heard that it's gone downhill.