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Dec 12, 2001 11:07 AM

The Lola Report: Limoncello

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I had lunch with a friend this weekend at Limoncello in the north end. I give it a solid 6.5. What I don't understand is, with all of the Italians in the North End, why is the food always good, but never authentic? I mean, I have tasted authentic Turkish food in Boston, but not what i consider to be real Italian!

To be fair, the chianti was lovely. Both I and my dining partner ordered the lobster ravioli, which was beautifully displayed- all of the raviolois were shaped like fish! Which was cute, but..

Frankly, is it just me, or does pasta sauce around here taste sweet in that way that only food prepared in America can manage to taste sweet? The lobster was lovely, but there was nothing to balance that flavor-the sauce was just sweet, creamy, and a little bit of tomato. There was nothing unexpected in the taste and that made this hound sad. There must be authentic italian somewhere! Please- if you are italian and know where it is, please tell me!

Yours in chow,


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  1. Did you check out Rubee's suggestion for the Trattoria Scalinatella? She posted this a while ago in response to someone else's plea for good Italian. Sounds authentic to me!


    1. Try Maurizio's on Hanover Street. Maurizio Loddo is from Sardinia and is always in the kitchen. You can't get much more Italian than that.

      BTW, the food is always superb, but you won't find much pasta on the menu. Maurizio cooks a lot of meat and fish.

      1. I second the Scalinatella suggestion. It is upscale and has a dress code. If you want somthing more casual but very authentic, try Picolo Nido on North St. The owner is from Italy and tries to stay true to his roots at all times.