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Dec 11, 2001 03:39 PM

Prime Rib

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Looking for the best prime rib in the Boston area - West is best. Mother-in-law insists on Prime Rib for dinner Christmas day - as you can see it is a democratic household.

Thank you

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  1. A nice place for a mother-in-law looking for prime rib west of Boston is the Hartwell House in Lexington. Well-prepared large cut of prime rib, OK popovers, standard American sides, a piano tinkling over in the background, at a price consistent with food and service. Not novel, not sophisticated, but standard American food well-prepared in an ambience well-suited to the mother-in-law generation.

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    1. re: Thomas

      Are you sure the Hartwell House is still the name. I thought they had reopened as Steins. Doesn't mean they don't have prime rib, but I'm not sure about the name.

      1. re: Fort Point

        You're right. It is Max Stein's now. I have to point out that the OP's question and above response are from 2001, so I find it amusing that the CHs are answering this thread 5 years later. ;)

        1. re: Rubee

          Maybe Armand is still looking! :-D

    2. if yoiu are cooking, try Dewar's in Newton or Wellesley

      1. I got a beautiful standing prime rib roast at The Butcher Shop to cook for Christmas dinner a couple years ago, which they trimmed for me (cut through the chine) for easier preparation. Punishing prices, but very high quality.

        1. I have been getting mine from Dewars for 20+ years. It is excellent and they will cut it however you want.

          1. The Hartwell house in lexington is not in business anymore. The restaurant is now called Max Steins--this restaurant is great. I had the tenderloin it was excellent-im sure they also have a great prime rib. The atmosphere is also fantastic and they have a nice bar as well--give this place a try im sure you will enjoy it.

            Frankie Imbergamo