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Dec 11, 2001 12:53 PM

Night dessert between Waltham & Newton?

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All right, here's a ridiculously specific request -

This Thursday, my husband and I are going to arrive very late at a potluck dinner in Newton (near Newton North High School). We'll be coming from Main St. in Waltham (Rte 20) ca. 9 pm.

Is there any place we can stop along the way to bring our friends a lovely dessert? a great local ice cream place, or late-night bakery, somewhere between the two locations?

Many thanks for your help,


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  1. There's a great ice cream shop on Moody St. I think it's called Lizzy's. I don't know how late it's open.

    To continue on your journey to NNHS, stay on Moody St. It becomes Lexington St. in Newton and intersects with Comm. Ave in Auburndale. Take a left on Comm. Ave and continue for a mile or so.

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      Actually, turn onto High St. (Store 24), which becomes Crafts St. Stay left of the fork at Waltham St. After you pass Albemarle playground stay right of the fork-- this is Lowell Ave which goes straight into Newtonville and the high school. Way shorter than going through Auburndale.

    2. One idea which is a little beyond where you're going in Newton is Ice Cream Works in Newton Highlands, which has very good ice cream. But you'd have to continue about 5-10 mins past Newton North on Walnut St. to get there. Another idea is Cabot's, on Washington St. in Newtonville (ice cream not as good - more of a fun place to sit in and eat sundaes).

      Hopefully someone has some recommendations for Nonantum, which I bet has some good dessert options.