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Dec 10, 2001 01:53 PM

where to buy goose

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We are thinking of cooking a goose for Christmas
dinner this year. Do you know of a place to buy
a goose, as fresh as possible, preferably near

And no, I don't want to go to Spy Pond and catch
one myself.


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  1. Bread and Circus sells fresh goose for the holidays.

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    1. re: Jonny Quest

      You might try Savenors on Charles Street

      1. re: Mark

        Thanks for the suggestions. After posting the message,
        I found this on a website:

        John Dewar and Company
        53 Beacon Street
        Newton Center
        Recommended by Julia Child and practically
        every other chef in Boston, this is the place to
        purchase the tastiest tenderloin, the juiciest
        goose, and the finest pheasant in town.